Every Infidel Is a Hostage & a Bargaining Chip

Here we go again:

Just like Gaddafi, who threatens to execute 5 Bulgarian nurses, who are falsely accused of infecting children with AIDS. Because he (was forced to agree) to pay more than one billion to the families of the victims, the Libyan dictator had sanctions against Libya lifted over a year ago. Now, In order to get his money back, the Libyan Thug in chief demands a similar amount of money he had to pay in compensation to the victims of the Pan Am Jumbo bombing over Lockerbie/Scotland in order to release the nurses. Of course he wants the bomber (who is in a British jail) released at once…

The Islamic Republic of Iran is using the same methods in order to press free a convicted assassin in a German jail:

Iran wants to swap:
Iran Wants Germany to Swap Assassin for Jailed Tourist

A German tourist who has been held in an Iranian jail for over a year because his fishing boat accidentally entered a restricted zone in the Persian Gulf has become a bargaining chip of international dipomacy. Iran wants to swap him for a convicted assassin serving a life sentence in a German jail.

Donald Klein, a keen angler, photographed during a vacation in 2005.
Donald Klein, a keen angler, photographed during a vacation in 2005.

?Iran wants Germany to release a convicted killer in return for a German tourist who was jailed after his boat strayed into Iranian territorial waters by mistake.Iranian officials have responded to German appeals for his release by linking the case to that of Kazem Darabi, who is serving a life sentence in Germany for the 1992 assassination of four Iranian-Kurdish opposition leaders in a Berlin restaurant. The court that convicted Darabi in 1997 said the orders for the killings came from the highest state levels in Tehran.