Spiegel: Religion ‘Born Again’

The German magazine Der Spiegel in this weeks cover story demonstrates that Germans, like most Europeans, are totally clueless and unable to come to terms with ‘fundamentalism’- You see, all religions are the same and we are enlightened people, we are secular, we are free of superstition, we left all that behind us, long ago.

Now, the fundamentalists are trying to enslave us again, especially those fundamentalist Christians around G.W. Bush: It is them who endanger us all, if we just leave those Muhammedans alone they will just forget about their religion too, like, they are just 500 years behind us: Give them time to catch up and everything will be just cool. Don’t you eat Doner Kebabs?

Those Muhammedans will become secular, just like us. Give ’em a chance…

Or will they? What? You don’t believe me? What’s with you, you Islamophobic, or what?,1518,459500,00.html


Religion, Born Again

Amid wrenching change worldwide, people are returning to old-time religion. In the name of God, terrorists are happily maiming and killing; in the United States, the Christian Right has a stranglehold on government. On this increasingly God-fearing globe, only Western Europe looks like the last bastion of secularism – or are the faithful here too returning to the fold? By Rainer Traub…

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