Thai Jihad Continues…

Until all the world and all religion belongs to Allah, that is. According to the Koran and the teachings of the mad profit Mohammed. (Misspelling intended) How could it be any other way?

The recent Coup d’Etat that toppled the democratically elected government of Thaksin Shinawatra by a gang of Muhammedan generals speaks volumes and stinks to high heaven: Thailand, a Buddhist country, is being taken over and slowly perverted into a Muhammedan cess-pool. The Thais, a traditionally apolitical and easygoing people, are totally clueless about the workings of the ‘RoP’ and the ideology that calls upon all peoples to either ‘accept Islam’-, to pay the jiziyah, or to be forcibly converted or killed.


Cop killed, school torched in Thailand

PATTANI, Thailand – Suspected Muslim separatists ambushed police patrols and torched a school as Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont returned to southern Thailand Saturday for a third attempt at ending the bloody insurgency, officials said.

A police sergeant was in critical condition after he was shot three times at close range while on patrol with three other officers in the busy market of Yala’s provincial capital, said police Maj. Suthas Noosikhong.

On Friday night, suspected insurgents killed a police sergeant in Pattani province and set fire to a government school in Yala province, totally destroying it.

Surayud, who arrived in southern Thailand Friday night, said he hoped for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

(Surayud is the muslim-general who toppled the government. Any doubt that he will support the jihad until Thailand is islamic?)

“My government is standing firm on reconciliation and a peaceful solution despite strong rumors and speculation that the situation is not improving,” he told some 1,000 community and religious leaders in Pattani province on Saturday.

On his first visit, Surayud offered an apology to the local Muslims for past government wrongdoing, which was widely praised by moderates in the south. But the insurgency has continued unabated.

More than 1,900 people have been killed since 2004 in Thailand’s three southernmost Muslim-majority provinces of Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani, where a Muslim separatist movement re-emerged after more than two decades of relative peace.

Suspected insurgents target people seen as collaborators with the government, including soldiers, police and informants. More than 50 teachers, viewed as symbols of government authority, also have been killed.

Guess who else is involved with the Thai insurgency?


Putting the fire out with gasoline:

Surayud said the Islamic teaching will be allowed in schools from the primary grade to the University level in the Muslim-populated south

Thai Schools to Teach Islam & News Agencies

Surayud said the Islamic teaching will be allowed in schools from the primary grade to the University level in the Muslim-populated south

PATTANI, Thailand — As part of the military-backed government’s efforts to quell violence in the troubled Muslim-populated South, Thai Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont said Saturday, January 27, that the government will introduce the teaching of Islam in its education system in the Buddhist country.
“I’ve assigned the Foreign Ministry to coordinate with the Malaysian government and to study whether what educational syllabus is needed to be improved for primary education in our country,” Chulanont said in statements carried by the Thai news agency (TNA).

He said the Islamic teaching will be allowed in schools from the primary grade to the university level in the Muslim-populated southern provinces on the long run.

Read it and weep…

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