13 thoughts on “The ‘Wondrous Nature of the Koran’ commands Wife-beating!”

  1. I don’t know if I should laugh at the absurdity of this crap or what. Everytime I hear about this wife beating insanity I have to wonder how we have so many 7th century lunatics running around in the 21st century-they, like their idiotic notions, should be long gone. There should be NO place for this kind of primitive mentality in the modern world.

  2. i still can’t understand how 3 very islamic nations had female presidents ( pakistan , bangladesh and indonesia ).
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze explaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain

  3. Here’s a quote from the koran:

    Blessed is the man who takes your babies and smashes them against the rocks

    Oh, silly me – it wasn’t the koran, it ‘s in the Bible (psalm 137)

  4. Paul Bremer:

    The above video clips are about here and now and these people believe that wife-beating is in order according to the Koran.

    What has that got to do with a bible verse that was written in some historical context over 3000 years ago?

  5. My reason for quoting the bible out of context is because your site will do the same for koranic verses, but you don’t seem to be all that critical of the seemingly outrageous verses of the Bible.

    The fact is, Tafseer (scholarly commentary of the koran), states very clearly that there are strict rules regarding the verse from the koran: you are not to leave a mark, not to hit the face, etc. It is also to be done as a last resort and with something like a miswaak (a small twig about the size of a toothbrush). Hardly a beating in the usual sense.

    Your treatment of this single verse from the koran also totally ignores the many verses that urge the muslim man to be kind to his womenfolk. A brief example is one in which somebody asked the prophet Muhammad, ‘who are the best muslims’, the reply was that the best muslims are those who treat their womenfolk the best. It’s funny how you don’t see THAT being quoted on Islamaphobic websites. I wonder why.

  6. Brother ‘Bremer’-

    The video clips above show two muftis/ imams telling the followers of profit Mo to whack their womenfolk properly into submission.

    First you come up with some irrelevant bible-verse. Now you wanna tell us something about ‘Islamophobic websites’ and Koranic quotes ‘out of context?’

    Let me ask you: Are you a better Muslim than the two ‘misunderstanders of Islam ‘ in those video clips who encourage wife beating? If you are a better Muslim and you understand your religion better than they do, why don’t you take it up with them, instead of wasting your time with an infidel like myself

  7. That’s funny, I don’t remember calling you an infidel.

    If you think you understand Islam better than me, why don’t you take it up with me ?

    And why have you not debated the verse from the Bible. Is it because you are a more knowledgeable Christian than me ? Or are you only here to provide a biased view of just one religion ?

  8. Bremer, you know very well what the followers of Mohammed believe, for example:

    For example: “Islam will dominate the world”- Mohammed himself boasted: “I have been made victorious with terror”. (Bukhari 4.52.220.) He raided villages and took the civilians by surprise, killed unarmed men and took their wives and children as war booty.

    Or this:

    Ten things are essentially najis in Isalm: 1. Urine 2. Feces 3. Semen 4. Dead body 5. Blood 6. Dog 7. Pig 8. The sweat of an animal who eats najis things 9. Alcoholic beverages 10. Kufr

    Bremer, do you believe ” unbelievers are as filthy as urine and feces? Do you think we are worse than the vilest animals because we do not believe in your cult? Do you agree with the Quran that says we should be slain? Do you want to instill terror in my heart, smite my neck and chop off my fingertips?

    You see, Bremer: I am not interested in bible verses. What interests me is how to wake up OUR people who are not familiar with what Islam is and what it teaches, so that we can reverse the trend and deport the Muhammedans from infidel lands because we don’t want to become slaves of ‘Allah’…

    I think we should ask Muslims these questions: Why should we allow people who hate us to settle among us? We must (and we will) decide whether we can live with people who hate us so much or not. If they think we are as unclean as urine and feces why they come here.

    Let them go back to their “pure lands”.

  9. I’m sorry to dissappoint you but we have already discussed taking scripture out of context and I only refer to Islamic scripture through reference to scholarly interpretations of the meaning. For example, it says in the koran that we should kill jews and christians wherever we find them. But when you look more closely at the scholarly interpretations you find that that is meant in the context of a combat situation in which the enemy has killed some of your own or is trying to do so.

    You claim that you are only interested in what Islam is & what it teaches us. But then contradict this by taking centuries old scripture out of context with no reference to scholarly commentary or interpretation & distorted by translation to another language from Arabic!!!

    Finally, you ask why you should allow those who hate you to live among you. The reason why there is so much hatred is because of the crimes of the west against the muslims – supporting Israel stealing land off Palestinians, keeping quiet while dictators friendly with the west are slaughtering civilian muslims, carrying out illegal wars, etc Why, for example, are the muslims not feeling the same hatred towards Iceland ? Because Iceland doesn’t crap all over the muslims. And please dont answer me by claiming that muslims hate you for your freedom – the fringe lunatics might, but the rest of the muslims want the same freedom the west has.

  10. Bremer: You are not answering the questions!

    Instead you are giving me another steaming pile of takiyya!

    ‘Out of context?’- Just log on to Ayatollah Al Sistani’s website and see what’s ‘out of context’…

    And is not Mohammed’s Koran ‘for all time, for all humanity..?’

    So why deny what can’t be denied, because you have to?

  11. ‘I’m not answering the questions’ – rants the person asking stupid questions. And why are his questions stupid ? Because ‘kufr’ means disbelief – not disbeliever, there is a big difference you know. Your ‘understanding’ of the ten items you listed above is also obvious in that you don’t seem to realise that the items listed are not always unpure in every context: blood is only unpure when it is not congealed (dried). You obviously demonstrate that you are not fit to show others what Islam teaches.

    And why should I log onto someone else’s site to see what is ‘out of context’ when I can do that on this site – and humiliate you at the same time ?

    P.S. ‘kafir’ means disbeliever & ‘kafiroon’ is plural: disbelievers.

  12. Bremer,

    Perhaps you like this better:

    Do you think the following “verse” offends you?

    “Slay the Muslims wherever you find them. Seize them, surround them and everywhere lie in ambush for them. But if they repent from their wrong beliefs and become humans, then spare their lives.” (9:5)

    “Out of context?”

    Or do you prefer this:

    “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free.” (9:5)

    Do you see now how Quran is offensive to non-muslims?

    Educate yourself instead of chewing your imam’s cud!


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