UK Preparing for a ‘Dirty Bomb’ Attack

Tolerance of the intolerable leads to strange behavior patterns of the petrified polit-props who are failing in their duty to protect the British from their Mohammedan invaders:

As if this wasn’t bad enough: You don’t have to be a member of the secret service to know who and what’s behind it. Here’s an in depth analysis of what’s happening in the UK. But have you seen or heard of anyone willing to come forward to take on the invaders? Wake me up if you hear something, will ya?
Check this out:

12 thoughts on “UK Preparing for a ‘Dirty Bomb’ Attack”

  1. National suicide is an ugly thing. When a dirty bomb attavk does happen the so-called leadership should be strung up for allowing it to happen.

  2. I agree with the above point. Lets face it, the muslim bombs are dirty. They’re not clean bombs like ours. That’s right, the west will kill your innocent arab children with clean bombs.

    Happy new year to all those civilized peoples with stockpiles of clean bombs !!!

  3. To the poster immediately above:

    Perhaps you should post a few beheading videos or some of those hate-preachers who whip the Mohammedan masses into a fanatical frenzy shouting ‘Death to America,-death to the Jooozzz…’

    Mohammedanism good, western resistance evil, stop resisting Islam, right?

  4. And maybe you should post videos of those ‘clean bombs’ killing Iraqi civilians.

    Stop resisting democracy at the point of a gun, right ?

  5. You seem to be missing the point, Bremer.

    This website dosn’t support exporting Democracy to Islamo-fascists anywhere.

    This website supports internment & deportations and disengagement from the ‘ummah’…

    Stay tuned!

  6. Do you support the internment & deportation of war criminals such as Bush & Blair for their illegal invasion of Iraq ?

    Are you prepared to disengage from Christo-fascists ?

  7. ‘War is Deception’ said Muhammed, and deception shackles the West in its unfortunately misnamed ‘WoT’- When did the soldiers of Allah ever care whether anything was legal or illegal?

    How dare you lecture me on legalities when your cult doesn’t even acknowldge basic human rights and seeks to pervert the most basic, the most fundamental agreement amongst civilized nations with an imbecilic piece of paper called ‘Islamic human rights’ based on the sharia?

  8. And how dare you lecture muslims when US & UK troops in Iraq are killing civilians and denying basic human rights. You obviously haven’t heard of Abu Ghraib.

    And you have still yet to provide the videos of ‘civilized’ coalition forces killing civilians. Why can’t you condemn the state terror of the west ?

    Also, according to western news sources, Somalia was recently enjoying its first peace and stability for 16 years thanks to sharia law. So will you condemn the US for supporting those breaking international law by bombing the muslims. I doubt it, because of your hypocrisy.

  9. Bremer,
    Your flawed Islamic propaganda doesn’t move me. Play me a beheading video before you come up with ‘Abu Graib’…

    If terrorists, or enemy soldiers, hide behind women and children then they should be killed. Using human shields is traditional Moahmmedan warfare, that doesn’t make them civilians. They are the enemy and deserve whatever is coming their way. Mohammedans are whining about ‘civilians’ being killed but I can give you thousand examples why these ‘civilians’ are anything but what we call civilians.

    Somalia was not ‘enjoying peace and stability’ but attacked Ethiopia ( a classical jihad) and got clubbered in return. I understand that your heart bleeds but don’t expect any sympathy from me.

    Again, ‘sharia law’ is not ‘international law’- it is a highly flawed and barbaric system. Bombing the agressors is quite in order, and blaming the Americans is just so very typical for your type, that I guess it is useless to point out that the Ethiopians themselves successfully beat off the jihadists.

    Good on them!


  10. Why are you obsessed with beheading videos ? We all know that the US and other coalition forces have committed their own wrongs but for some reason you seem reluctant to condemn the actions of US soldiers, whereas I am only too happy to condemn muslims who kill civilians.

    I’d like to take you up on the offer you made to give me thousands of examples are ‘anything but what we call civilians’. Go ahead, provide this evidence.

    My heart doesn’t bleed for Somalia (a well known long term ally of the US) – my heart bleeds for people who set up blogs only to be humiliated on their own websites. Everyone knows that some of the warlords recently deposed by the Islamists were supported by the US – just as Saddam was once a client of the US. That’s right folks: the United States of Hypocrisy supported Somali warlords for fear that one day Somalia would turn to Islamists.

    You finish your most recent post by saying that sharia law is not international law. Could you tell me which rule of law you support ?
    I’d love to know, bearing in mind the coalition forces in Iraq went there in the first place against international law – even the head of the UN claimed the war to be illegal.

    Now be very careful in how you answer the above question, because if you support international law, then I assume you must be willing to condemn those barbaric enough to break such law.

    Again, how does it feel to be humiliated on your own blog ? I can go a bit easier on you if you like.

  11. Bremer:

    Beheading videos and suicide bombers tell me more about your blood-cult than a million ‘Bremer’s’ could ever tell me! You wouldn’t call that an obsession, call it ‘observation’…

    Condemn the actions of US-soldiers? Why would I?

    I feel sorry for the military !They are hamstrung and have to fight with hands tied behind their backs. They have to fight an enemy that wears no uniform and respects no law whatsoever, in a hostile place where lying is a way of life.

    The military should be there for one reason only: To search and destroy the enemy, but the misguided US administration wants them to ‘win hearts and minds’- bring light upon the Muslim nations’ and to uphold humanitarian standards which no Arab or Muslim has ever signed up to. The US puts the lives of those soldiers unnecessarily at risk.

    The mssion was completed when Saddam was captured. He should have been shot on the spot and the US should have left the Iraqui’s to themselves.

    Nationbuilding was never the plan, was it?

    “Even the head of the UN claimed the war to be illegal.”


    The UN:

    Koffi Annan was by any standards the most corrupt UN official to ever disgrace this useless organization, where more than 100 third world (pathetically impoverished countries) regularly sell their vote to the rich Arabs to push their agenda against 20 civilized countries who pay for these parasites to be there in the first place.

    Hardly a convicing case for ‘international law’ fantasies!

    But go ahead and ‘humiliate’ me! I’m beginning to enjoy it!

    Perhaps you could also tell me which Arab/Muslim country upholds ‘International Law’ and respects ‘human rights’…

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