‘Time Bomb’ in Denmark:

Remember cartoon rage? Its not over, in fact it has only just begun.But read the article first:


Some Danes have woken up, some remain deluded, especially this US-official:

“Europeans are uncomfortable with Islam, and they see it as an alien body in their midst. … Europe’s got a huge problem, and they’re just getting their minds around it now.” many like him seem to believe that the problem lies entirely with the Europeans, he doesn’t tell us why, but

Hugh Fitzgerald has the answer ready:

“There’s kind of an unspoken assumption that they’re not really Dutch, not really Danes, and so forth,” reasons one senior U.S. official who follows the phenomenon. “Europeans are uncomfortable with Islam, and they see it as an alien body in their midst. … Europe’s got a huge problem, and they’re just getting their minds around it now.”
— from the article above

The tone of this “senior U.S. offical who follows the phenomenon” is troubling. He appears to think the problem is that of the Europeans, who are “uncomfortable with Islam” (as opposed, perhaps, to Americans who have such a much more extensive experience with Islam than do the people of Europe?). When he says of the Europeans that “they see it as an alien body in their midst” does he think that is wrong? Does he think it is the fault of those bad old Europeans, or does he think they made a terrible, a colossal, a life-threatening error in their heedlessness about Islam, when they let Muslims in in such numbers, and does he think that there is a lesson here for the United States? And does he think that perhaps the doctrines of Islam itself, which uncompromisingly divide the world between Believer and Infidel, and between Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, and preach the doctrine of endless war — not necessarily by open combat, for the money weapon, and “pen, speech,” and Da’wa, and now demographic conquest (discussed endlessly at Muslim sites and in the Muslim media, for everyone is keenly aware of this instrument of conquest in the Camp of Islam, if amazingly unaware in the Camp of the Infidels)– and the view that Europe is a land to be taken over, won for Islam, not a place where Muslims are to embrace, in the slightest, the doctrines or beliefs or legal and political and social institutions of permanently inferior Infidels — does this “senior U.S. official” understand that?

The distant, almost unsympathetic tone, suggests that he does not. And if that is true, he needs a short but intense course in Islam and in the history of Islamic conquest – and not from John Esposito, and not from Karen Armstrong, and not from anyone certified as a “Muslim Sensitivity Trainer” by CAIR.



Anyone wanting to see Esposito is action can click on this link to the Doha Debates website-

Doha Debates Link

He’s participating in a panel discussion focused on the nebulous term “extremism” along with Islamo-Christian cutie Dianna Buttu, the somewhat creepy “sheik” Hamza Yusuf and the (by now) comically irrelevent Bishop Desmond Tutu. As for Esposito, notice the meticulously cultivated “man tan”, the late 80’s Don Johnson attire with the leather sandals and the cotton slacks and the upper-class, disinterested “I could go either way” demeanor.

Something about middle-age men strutting about in sandals really puts me off.

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  1. When oh when will Western nations finally implement sensible immigration policies? You let cesspoolians in and all you get is a foul stench-decades of stupid policy have proven that.

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