One thought on “Wanna Laugh? Pali’s Turned Into Red Indians! Can We Be Cowboys Now?”

  1. Palisimians as the “natives,” original inhabitants of Israel? These clowns have claimed “Canaanite” ancestry, “Philistine” ancestry, anything to legitimize the “Palisimian” people.

    Trouble is Rice (Condoleeza) is an educated, talented, mentally-deficient-seeming person–judging from her statements and actions. (Has Negroponte been put into State to shore her up [by GW Bush])? She might fall for the war-painted Pali-simians, She believes Abbas is the “statesman” that can pull off a Palisimian state. “Peace” (a 2-state-solution carved out of Israel) is as much of a possibility as “peace and ‘democracy'” in Iraq, with Sunni and Shi’ite lying down together in harmony.

    The “peace process,” to placate the Arab/Moslem world and its “street,” is as much of an idiot’s solution as the “Road Map.” Bush’s “I have a dream–to see 2 states living side by side in harmony” can just as quickly turn into a nightmare as did his other dream–“democracy” in Iraq and the entire Middle East.

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