Abu Izzadeen: ‘I was quoted out of context but I would say the same thing again’…

Islamo-logic? Can’t beat it.

Extremist stands by punishment claims

Last Modified: 6 Feb 2007
Source: ITN

The Islamic extremist who heckled the Home Secretary is unrepentant over footage of him calling for British Muslim soldiers to beheaded.

Abu Izzadeen was filmed claiming Muslims who join the British Army face capital punishment under Muslim law.

He stands by every word he uttered in the video that appeared on an underground website.
He insists he was taken out of context but would say the same again.

Scholars from a number of mosques have rejected his version of Islamic law, which they say risks damaging community relations.

These brave ‘scholars’ preach the same thing the moment the infidel reporter walks out of the mosque. 
‘Rejected’ doesn’t mean refuted. Abu Izzadeen, this good muslim brother knows his religion, make no mistake about it…

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5 thoughts on “Abu Izzadeen: ‘I was quoted out of context but I would say the same thing again’…”

  1. “Taken out of context” is better than saying “I Lied”!
    Taqqiya as usual.

    Here is some more of this BullS*** from Willie Brigitte who says he was going to “rebuild his life” away from radical islam:


    He has been held in “preventative detention” for 3 and a half years. So has Hicks,sorta,,no?

  2. Next up:Bin Laden denies doing 9/11, but says he’d do it again anyway.

    And here I thought my handle was too harsh!

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