Anjem Choudary On Izzadeen Arrest:

Raving and seething galore from British Islamist nutjob Anjem Choudary, on the arrest of his good buddy Abu Izzadeen. He calls Asgar Bukhari the Holocaust denier a “bootlicker” and an “apostate.” Completely whacked out—and the craziest part is the respectful tone of the Sky News interviewer in the face of Choudary’s frothing lunacy.

With thanks to LGF

3 thoughts on “Anjem Choudary On Izzadeen Arrest:”

  1. I think this immigrant muslims should be deported from U.K. They will never tell the truth. You can see it from what they say in their mosques and what they say infront of a camera.

    I am a Muslim who had this question a long time ago. Now I can see the truth. Muslims are liers and they want to capture the whole world for their religion. In the beginning they thought that somebody from the sky would come to help them. But they know it will not happen soon, so they want to fight and lie to non muslims. They will kill non muslims without any notice. You will see this in future, if you can’t take strict action against them, they will destroy the world and will implement sharia and law.

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