Commies Just Love Jihad Monkeys

Picture shows Habib’s arrival in Oz after looking for a ‘good muslim school’ in Pakistan (via Gitmo….)

Andrew Bolt has a great take on Mamduh Habib and his commie ‘human-rights’ supporters:

Mamdouh Habib makes some socialist friends. Of course.
By Andrew Bolt – Thursday, February 01, 07

A Socialist Alliance activist is behind the NSW election campaign of former Guatanamo Bay inmate Mamdouh

Habib. Here’s yet more evidence of the close bond the far Left has formed with the Islamist Right, to the disgust of older, gentler Leftists like Pamela Bone:

The Daily Telegraph online can reveal that the former Guantanamo Bay detainee’s campaign manager ran as a candidate for the Socialist Alliance party in the 2004 federal election – and plans to do so again in the State poll on March 24.

Mr Habib’s campaign manager is Raul Bassi. On the statement released this morning announcing Mr Habib’s candidacy, Mr Bassi billed himself as representing the “Auburn Human Rights Group”. There was no mention of his links to Socialist Alliance.

And he was a member of the Socialist Workers Party in Argentina, where he lived before migrating to Australia in 1983.

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  1. It’s always funny to see how shocked people are when Islamic righties and Western lefties get together. What’s so shocking about it? Both share the same goal-destroying civilization as we know it in order to create a mythical utopia.

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