Muslims Furious Because Police STILL doesn’t Consult Imam’s Before Raids

Because a promise is a promise, right?
Infidels must not lie. That’s unfair!

…And war is deception, said the profit Mohammed:

Muslim fury over arrests

BIRMINGHAM, England: Wasim Raja, 25, and Imran Khan, 19, are leaning on the grills of a general store in Alum Rock, Birmingham, watching the police activity on Jackson Road opposite with interest.

“Every time they’re coming into Muslim areas, blasting open their doors … They wouldn’t like it if they dragged their mum and dad out of bed in the middle of the night. They’re scum,” says Khan, spitting on the pavement.

Raja is more conciliatory, although, like many here, he doubts the man arrested in a dawn raid yesterday on suspicion of involvement in a terror plot was guilty of anything.

“I’ve known him since I was little… He’s not that type of person. If they’ve got a proper lead, then OK. But you’ve got to be 100 per cent. Maybe it’s wrong information.”

Police arrested nine mostly Pakistani-origin suspects yesterday, to foil an alleged “Iraq-style” kidnap and beheading plot aimed at bringing a dreaded new form of terror to Britain.

In what officials called a “very, very major operation,” the alleged plotters were said to be planning to post video of the execution on the Internet, as has happened to Western hostages in Iraq.

The alleged victim had already been identified by the plotters as a Muslim soldier in his 20s, who was alerted by detectives recently and given protection.

“It was going to be a beheading and this was going to be posted on the Internet via a homemade video,” a security source said.

3 thoughts on “Muslims Furious Because Police STILL doesn’t Consult Imam’s Before Raids”

  1. Same old BS with this bunch-“He was a good guy” blah blah blah. To hear
    Muslims talk not a single one of them is ever guilty of even jaywalking. Bin Laden admits to 9/11 but he couldn’t have done it-he’s such a great guy.

    I hope this idiot Khan gets to star in one of those beheading videos. No doubt he’ll be screaming for the “scum” to save his useless butt.

  2. They are so “uniquely creative” with methods of killing people.
    Barbarians from mo’s time onwards.

    (OT has anyone tried LGF and JWDW today? Both don’t seem to be up as I write this.)

  3. British should not let these Muslims carry such type of terror in U.K and should punish them. We the World can’t stay relaxed until these people destroy the whole civilization. I really appreciate this, it is a good job done by the British police.

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