Hicks, aka Mohammed Dawoud, Gitmo Poster Boy of the Left


Mohammed Dawoud want’s to get laid. Desperately. When will we see Melbourne lawyers and LLL judges demonstrate for his ‘human rights’ again?


The Muslim ‘revert’- formerly known as David Hicks, in a letter to his former flatmate Louise Fletcher, as revealed in The Bulletin on September 19, 2006:

LISTEN, have you got any friends I can f— when I get home? They have to be good-looking and I prefer big tits as well. Well, send their photos with the letters so I can check them out …

(On his activities at Gitmo:) I don’t do much. Just sitting in me cell doing f— all. The usual. I can’t tell you about my adventures but I will when I get back.

(Responding to Fletcher’s suggestion that she might write a book about him:) Don’t try to write about my adventures because you don’t know that information. Nobody does, so it would be inaccurate. I would prefer if you wrote nothing about anybody, for that matter. Shit, I would have no chance to make any money when I got home, otherwise…


Well Mohammed, enjoy the days in Gitmo.

Nobody understands, even those who pretend to be on your side. Nobody understands, that’s right, but thank the Lord that you still got hands….

3 thoughts on “Hicks, aka Mohammed Dawoud, Gitmo Poster Boy of the Left”

  1. Wow! Mr Perfect would be impressed with this man’s sex drive-he apes the master so well.

  2. I am sick of hearing about him. I think he has made it clear who he supports. He chose his path: no one made him do it.
    Befire you know it he will be a national hero. YUCK!

  3. The left adore this bloke.Why, I dont know but thats the left for you.Wouldn’t it be funny if he and his loser father gets back here, gets released then gets hit by a bus as he’s walking across the road.Now I’d pay to see that.

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