Dress your own little Mohammed: Nice, but will it ever be sold in Islamistan?



Normal Bob Smith has developed this useful and educational interactive website so that everyone in the family can attend to the Prophet’s sartorial needs.

Now you don’t have to be a Danish cartoonist to earn your very own fatwa!

It’s a kind of a virtual paper-doll arrangement, with many large accessories; Mohammed the Taxi Driver is particularly apt. The result of one of my own efforts is shown at right.

Entrepreneurs interested? When can we start with the production?

3 thoughts on “Dress your own little Mohammed: Nice, but will it ever be sold in Islamistan?”

  1. hey sheik
    I have been off line, in this time I took to the library to do some historical research on Islam, even Roger Bacon had something to say about them and how they really are, he is almost saying what is echoed to day .

    “…if the Christians are victorious, no one stays behind to defend the occupied lands. Nor are unbelievers converted in this way, but killed and sent to Hell. Those who survive the wars, together with their children, are more and more embittered against the Christian faith because of this violence and are indefinitely alienated from Christ and inflamed to do all the harm possible to Christians everywhere. Roger Bacon”, “Opus Magus”, 1226″.

    Finding cometary and facts are hard since the Muslims destroyed most all evidence of truth.
    I had read a book on secret cults and the Hashish men are regarded as one and still exist as the Brother hood.
    I am getting the feeling that the Koran to day come from these type of organizations.

    They had a David Hicks special on last night, he is soooo guilty and I will never buy a dick smith product again ever, He admits to shotting several hundred’s or thousands of bullets over the Kashmir border, are the Indians our allies? he is a slime bucked no one liked, gave a girl two baby’s then deserted them all, did he ever pay maintenance? His father looks sleazy too looking out for his miss fit son.. would Dawald show this compassion to his own children, did he even care if they had shoes?
    I know blokes like this hicks this traitor, they get around in army gear and did not make many friends as kids.
    I have had trouble with Muslims down here my son was travelling on the train home after a hard days work a group of bearded mongrels got on the train and started preaching their brand of love in a most threatening and intimidating way, any way it made my son mad enough to report it to police,
    I then wrote a letter to my local member last week, so today I will follow up and see what they did, I don’t think the police did any thing so I will be calling up the radio talk back and tell them all just before the elections.

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