Karneval in Germany depicts Mullah’s as the Assholes they are


This years Faschingsparade (Rosenmontag) yesterday depicted mullah’s as gun-toting suicide-bombers with guns. The first sign says ‘Stereotype’ and the second says ‘Reality’- and now watch the proverbial hit the fan!

The central-board of Muhammedans in Germany has already protested. Spokesman Myzek claims the parade manifested ‘lies’ and ‘prejudice’.

Myzek says this is ‘Provokation for the sake of provoking’ and you know the rest: The usual, ‘Islamophobia, disrespect for Muslims…’ etc. etc.

* Update…

* Here it is in German, from
Jihad Watch Germany

Danach hätte man ja die Uhr stellen können.
Ein Karnevals-Mottowagen zum Thema Islam im Düsseldorfer Rosenmontagszug hat den Zorn des Zentralrates der Muslime in Deutschland (ZMD) auf sich gezogen. ZMD-Generalsekretär Aiman Mazyek wies die Art der Darstellung von religiösen Führern des Islam auf dem Mottowagen in der in Düsseldorf erscheinenden “Westdeutschen Zeitung” (Dienstagausgabe) als “Vorurteil” und “platte Lüge” zurück.
Der Mottowagen des Düsseldorfer Wagenbauers Jacques Tilly zeigt zwei mit Pistole, Schwert und Sprengstoffgürtel bewaffnete Mullahs. Beide sehen exakt gleich aus, einer trägt den Schriftzug “Klischee”, auf dem anderen steht “Wirklichkeit”.
Mazyek sprach von einer “Provokation um der Provokation willen”. Er frage sich, was der Wagen darstellen solle, sagte er und betonte: “Ich lese die Botschaft so: Wir lieben unsere Vorurteile und verfestigen sie notfalls mit platten Lügen.” Mazyek zeigte sich überzeugt, dass “die Mehrheit der Jecken nicht dafür ist, dass Islamverachtung salonfähig gemacht wird”.

9 thoughts on “Karneval in Germany depicts Mullah’s as the Assholes they are”

  1. Oh and by the way.. the Green Party is up in arms of course. How long till we have laws forbidding any form of comment on islam?

    That’s how much our very own ‘leaders’ and elected officials hate and despise us.

    They’d rather see islam exterminate al else off the face of the Earth.

    Thank God for Global Warming!

  2. anitalla,

    the watermelon greens (green on the outside, red inside) are the most perverted suckers when it comes to Islam. I have been watching this for quite a while now and I will be posting more about the unholy alliance about the green cult and the cult of Islam. When you look in the archives of this blog under Kurnaz & Cem Oezdemir you can see how Islamic agents of influence have infiltrated the EU parliament. It is scandalous!

  3. Re Greens:
    I never had much time for them although I do my bit for the environment whenevr I can, just a sensible thing to me.

    Our local green leader, Bob Brown is a moron.

    I get the impression that the greens and what they say, climate change (it always has changed – hence no dinosaurs), etc are a bit like the Y2K bug.

    Someone other than Al Gore is set to make squillions out of it, IMHO.
    I may be wrong.

  4. Strike back with counter terror operations. That would surely put sense in the heads of moderate muslims who would realize the futility of violence. Only counter violence makes the muslims see the ugliness of their cult.

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