Hamas & Fatah United: ‘Pay the Jiziyah,- NOW!’

Hamas and Fatah signed on Thursday a coalition deal to end factional warfare and to try to win back Western aid halted because of Hamas’s refusal to recognize Israel.

But they still won’t recognize Israel. Of course not.

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Hamas government spokesman Ghazi Hamad told Reuters:

“They cannot ignore this agreement and impose their own conditions,” he said in reference to the United States. “The European Union should open a dialogue with this new government and this is the only way to have stability in the region.”

In Gaza, Nizar Rayyan, a senior Hamas leader, said on Friday that Hamas would never recognize Israel and that the deal on the government does not change the movement’s position.

“We will never recognize Israel. There is nothing called Israel, neither in reality nor in the imagination,” he told Reuters. His comments were endorsed by a Hamas spokesman.

Israel and its U.S. ally have said Hamas must renounce violence, recognize Israel and commit itself to existing peace accords before sanctions can be lifted.

One thought on “Hamas & Fatah United: ‘Pay the Jiziyah,- NOW!’”

  1. The good thing is that these two sides are made up of palestinians-the lowest of the low. By the time anyone reads this that coalition might well have fallen apart.

    I hope these idiots wipe each other out. Maybe the US and Israel giving guns to these goons is a good idea after all.

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