Abusing ‘Human Rights’ to Appeal to Moonbats & other bleeding Hearts

Terror, threats, riots, demonstrations, intimidation:

Every form of deception and subversion from the Islamofascists is legitimate in order to subvert and to conquer. Here’s the latest attempt in PR to pervert public opinion and to find sympathizers with the cause of the whining Muhammedan ‘victims:’

Here’s a link to the LGF take on this:
One of the Islamist/left-wing celebrities appearing at this event, Moazzam Begg, is also a previous owner of the Islamic bookstore cordoned off today by British police investigating the beheading terror plot.

UPDATE at 1/31/07

Here’s the video for this event, featuring dramatized scenes of Gitmo Bay brutality subtly interspersed with President Bush’s statements on the war: YouTube – UCL Islamic Society’s War on Terror Week.

4 thoughts on “Abusing ‘Human Rights’ to Appeal to Moonbats & other bleeding Hearts”

  1. This is stuck mojo’s Open Season CAIR remix. It illustrates the deception of that organisation. Maybe you could add to your song list. I notice that mojo is there already but without the CAIR images

    For those who haven’t noticed the link for FFI http://www.faithfreedom.org

  2. The Islamaniacs don’t need much of a PR campaign to attract lefties to their cause-they flock to it by instinct.

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