My Heart goes out to Thailand: RoP strikes again…

…and again and again..!

By Sheik Yer’mami

Generally, the Thai’s are peaceful Buddhists and naive. They are also a-political.
Because they are Buddhists they don’t care much for military service: They rather spent that time in a monastery. After that, they join the rat-race and lead productive lives.

This is quite different from the ‘tiny minority’ of Muhammedans from the south, who have no intention at all to lead productive lives, for whom permanent warfare is a command from Allah. And because they don’t need monks in a mosque and Muhammedans are not eager to get gainful employment, the Muhammedans join the army in disproportionate numbers.

One of those who did well is a General Sonthi Boonyaratglin, who managed to oust the elected prime minister of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra, in a coup d’Etat on September 19/2006. Ever since, Sonthi is moving his cronies into positions of power. The Islamization of Thailand has begun in earnest.

Since then we have seen a lot of pandering to the ‘insurgency’ in the south, we have seen some 700 schools closed, Buddhist teachers, merchants, villagers, farmers killed at random and in big numbers.
On New Years Eve nearly 20 bombs went off around Bangkok, which killed 3 people and wounded nearly 40 while the city was in the midst of New Year’s celebrations.


But the Jihad is permanent and relentless:

Today, we have seen another major coordinated Islamic terror attack in southern Thailand: At Least 28 Bombs Explode in Thailand.


At least 28 bombs exploded Sunday in apparently coordinated attacks in parts of southern Thailand plagued by a Muslim insurgency, killing three people and wounding more than 50, the military said.

The bombings targeted hotels, karaoke bars, power grids and commercial sites in the country’s southernmost provinces, the only parts of predominantly Buddhist Thailand with Muslim majorities. Two public schools were torched.

Police said three Thais of Chinese descent were also gunned down in Pattani province in what was believed to be the act of insurgents. The killings occurred as the country’s Chinese community was celebrating the Lunar New Year Sunday.

* Please note: Celebrations of anything other than Allah-worship is offensive to Muhammedans and must be attacked or blown up…

Violence in the south has been escalating in recent months despite a major policy shift by the military-imposed government, which is trying to replace an earlier, iron-fisted approach in dealing with the rebels with a “hearts and minds” campaign.

Yes, the old “hearts and minds” approach to Islamic supremacism!

Doesn’t seem to be working out too well in Thailand.

2 thoughts on “My Heart goes out to Thailand: RoP strikes again…”

  1. We hear about if Israel would only let the poor Palis back in their country, blah blah,, all things would settle in the world of islam. Well what heck is their
    excuse in Thailand and many ohter places the moselems settle in large numbers. they are like a cancer, and must be routed out to stop the killing of its hosts.

  2. Louise Paquette

    Yes. Shame most people haven’t realised this as yet.
    I often wonder how many of the world’s muslims have even heard of Palestinians. However I am sure they are used extensively for propaganda purposes in mosques.

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