India blasts ‘won’t sabotage peace talks’- Peace at any cost alert!

Compartments of Samjhauta Express burn after the explosions as the Samjhauta Express passed through Panipat.

Jihad in India:


February 19, 2007 from CNN (Yes, they do News also!)

• Explosions on board Indian passenger train kill at least 67 people
• Blast comes on eve of Pakistani foreign minister’s arrival in New Delhi
• Explosions won’t drive wedge in peace process, India and Pakistan vow

PANIPAT, India (CNN) — India and Pakistan have vowed that explosions on board an Indian passenger train that killed at least 67 people will not derail the peace process between the two nations. (Why do I always get the creeps when I hear that word: ‘Peace-process?’)

Most of the victims of the twin blasts early Monday on the New Delhi-Lahore train were Pakistani citizens, according to India’s home minister. Twelve other people were injured.

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* The Australian compared with CNN is still refreshingly informative and honest:

Islamic extremists are bitterly opposed to rapprochement between India and Pakistan and New Delhi is a constant target in all al-Qa’ida propaganda.

Lashkar-e-Toiba has a long track record of terrorism in India. In recent months, a number of Lashkar-e-Toiba militants have been picked up at railway stations in New Delhi and elsewhere, some of them carrying large quantities of lethal explosives.

Indian officials have for months been warning of a new terror strike being planned by the militants.

Lashkar-e-Toiba is closely allied to al-Qa’ida and the Taliban and would support the current suicide bombing campaign aimed at destabilising the Government in Islamabad.