Watching the ‘Power of Nightmares’ on SBS

Running out of swear words. Just unbelievable what cheap and insipid rot is here advertised as ‘excellent & thought-provoking!’

The ‘Power of Nightmares is Al Bebeeceera manufactured Muhammedan propaganda, a steaming pile of kitman & taqiyya: Don’t touch that dial, its infuriating! This rubbish runs over 3 hours and tells you that there are no Al Qaeda ‘sleeper cells’ anywhere, so take another valium and go to bed, not to worry. Its all cooked up by Bush & Co.

Bush bad – Islam good! its really nothing out of the ordinary. Keep the immigrants coming, its all good! Just relax, make sure you don’t wake up any time soon and while you fall asleep watching this crap, follow your nightmares, they are closer to reality than the Musulman-infested BBC and its ‘progressive’ gays and lesbians.

4 thoughts on “Watching the ‘Power of Nightmares’ on SBS”

  1. Just noticed you posted this Sheik.
    I watched the last few minutes as I rarely watch SBS.
    It didn’t take me long to reach the same conclusions.
    Thanks for posting it.

  2. I caught a brief glimpse of the promo, that was all I needed as well.


    Fuck them.

  3. Sadly I fear many who want to be unaware of the islamic threat will believe it completely. It’s so much easier!

  4. I think these replies are rather knee-jerk and i’ll considered. I watched it and didnt get the Bush Bad, Islam Good impression at all. It was simply about the lack of evidence for there being a global, organised Al Queda network, and I think they made a strong case for it!

    You need to ask whose agenda is served by making up what was presented. They presented “facts” that would be easliy controvertible if they werent true. Eg, saying that almost all charges had been dropped against US AQ suspects. Do you think they lied about that?
    Was the show funded by terrorists? They are the only people who would benefit by lulling the population into a false sense of security.

    How can you say it was cooked up by Bush & Co, and then say “Bush bad” at the same time? It doesent serve Bushs agenda AT ALL! Quite the contrary. Maybe you guys all do need to go have a valium and go to bed!

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