Why is Moqtada al-Sadr still alive?

Sadr bloc denies he’s fled to Iran
Wed Feb 14,

Moqtada al-Sadr
BAGHDAD (AFP) – Aides to radical Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr have denied reported allegations by US intelligence officials that the Shiite leader has fled to Iran.

Nassar al-Rubaie said Sadr was “still inside Iraq and working normally” but would not say exactly where.

Bassem al-Aathari, an official at Sadr’s office in Najaf, south of Baghdad, said the cleric was still in the Shiite holy city and that if he was to travel abroad it would be announced as it had been before.

Earlier, US media had reported that the firebrand anti-American cleric had fled to Tehran fearing that his house could could bombed by US forces as part of a stepped up plan for ending sectarian violence in Iraq.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s nothing,” Rubaie told AFP in Baghdad.

“If the US army already in Iraq is incapable of resisting Sadr, what difference would 20,000 reinforcements make?” he demanded.


Those 20.000 troops obviously do make a difference, that’s why filth like al-Sadr are already on the run. Sure, they are all mouthing off, but as we have seen with Bagdad Bob, (pictured above) The Arabs have a way with grandstanding and BS that is second to none. Lies and deceit is a way of life in the ME, and creeps like that prove it every day 24/7.