Germans calling Jews Nazis


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Germans calling Jews Nazis

20.03. 2007
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According to a poll carried out in January by the Bertelsmann Foundation, 30 percent of German residents agree that Israel is doing to the Palestinians “what the Nazis did to the Jews in the Third Reich.” (Haaretz, March 12)

Think about it for a second, please: 30% of the Germans think that Israel is trying to exterminate the Palestinians: ‘The fence and the checkpoints put them into ghettos, the border police are beating them up like the SS, the re-occupation of Jenin in 2002 resembles the crushing of the Warsaw Ghetto Revolt and in general Israel tries to make life impossible for the Palestinians, which amounts to ethnic cleansing, to create a racist Jews-only state in all of ‘Eretz Israel’. Gaza is in fact one big concentration camp.’ Thus the reasoning goes. There is just one tiny difference: Israel managed to kill a mere 4,000 Palestinians in 7 years of fighting, whereas the Nazis killed more Jews than that in one day.

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  1. What is really concerning me is that history, recent history and even biblical era history, is being re-written and I believe a lot of this is coming from pro-muslim spin doctors. I heard years ago from a most reliable source that the pallys have employed british advertising agencies to do all this so they are winning the propaganda war.

    The next issue is that it is no longer the Israeli’s who are victims of this. It is happening in a country right near you. (if not in your backyard.)

    I don’t know if the first link is still up:

    Check this out: virtually every trouble spot in the world has ONE common denominator. No prizes for guessing who.

  2. Ethnic Cleansing? WTF?
    Shouldn’t their population be reducing? Instead its increasing.
    Wow….the Europeans truly don’t have a clue do they?
    To think my foster father fought for these knobs ( not the krauts though ).Talk about a bunch of ingrates…..
    Europe is lost to the retched LEFT and stinking mussies.

  3. I tried emailing that crappy newspsaper and their bottom feeding journalist, but the link didnt work. you should consult a good lawyer and sue them, put them out of business.
    Failing that, burn the place down.
    If you need any reassurance that you are doing a great job, take a look at England, that once great place that grovells to the islamic barbarians.
    Our schools now have to teach islam to kids and the teachers will have to wash their hands before touching the koran!!!!
    Unbelievable, having to show respect to a book that calls for your death!
    Learn from our mistakes, show islam up for what it is, a sick cult of death and rape.
    keep safe

  4. Looks like 30 percent of the Germans need mental health care badly. Anyone who feels sorry for the ummah’s supreme losers has got to have rocks in their head. The palestinians would do themselves a big favor if they would quit being delusional about “palestine” and learn to become productive members of this planet. Instead, they kill and destroy and make themselves out as some sort of victims so they can get sympathy from idiots like these 30 percenters. Screw them-they deserve as much sympathy as a swarm of locusts.

  5. Like I’ve said time and again on my blog, equivalence-seeking is a disease. When Germans call Jews ‘Nazis’, that is the epitome of such twisted logic. I can not but look at the Israeli military (the entire population of Israel, literally) and not feel admiration for their courage, intelligence and tenacity. I think anti-Semitism is rife in Europe and its being fueled just as it was in WW2, by Islamists as much or more as by hateful groups like the Neo-Nazis.

  6. This is just an example of how stupid blind and ignorant most people are, the dirty Mohammedan propaganda is rely paying off to further cause of that fascist death cult that wants to rule the world. I have to say this is very worrying, 30% of the German population is no small feet.

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