The Multi-Purpose Islamic Garment

With thanks to LGF

The versatile burqa—it’s a political statement, a tool to keep women suppressed, and a disguise for fleeing terrorists!

Burqa-clad Taliban leader caught as NATO attacks.

KABUL, March 7 (Reuters) – Afghan soldiers have captured a Taliban leader who tried to flee a security operation in the south dressed in a burqa, NATO said on Wednesday.

Tuesday’s capture in Kandahar province came as NATO launched a major offensive in neighbouring Helmand to secure a key hydroelectric dam and combat the opium trade.

The man was named as Mullah Mahmood and described as an expert bomb-maker. U.S.-led coalition forces also detained five more suspected militants in eastern Khost this week.

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  1. Makes a nice burial shroud too. One never knows when one is struck by the urge to martyr oneself so it’s a good idea to run around in attire suitable for burial at all times. Of course, such a garment is useless for the martyr who uses explosives.

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