‘Turn the world to Islam’

Liam Houlihan from the Sunday Herald Sun:


Radical clerk: Sheik Mohammed Omran blames the drought on lack of faith in Allah


What I like about this primitive above is that he is honest: He’s on record for telling us that his ‘religion doesn’t tolerate other religions’- and when asked what happens when Muslims have critical mass, he said that he will ‘ship us out’- for starters. Weren’t you hoping that we would be allowed to live while ‘paying the Jiziyah with willing submission while feeling humiliated and subdued?’
But that’s all cool in the brave new world of multicultural political correctness, where the nutroots insist that criticizing the ideology of a hostile cult is the same as racism.



There’s so much of it, authorities are powerless to stop it. And no one is asking why the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims isn’t doing anything to stop it, either, which is strange considering that it is all supposed to be a mockery of the principles in which they believe.

RADICAL Islamic literature, DVDs and websites are proliferating across Melbourne while authorities are seemingly helpless to stop the underground trade in hate talk.

In tucked away Melbourne bookshops and prayer rooms, as well as online, text and recordings commonly slur Jews and urge followers to Islamise the world.
The faithful are told to obey only Sharia law.

A Sunday Herald Sun audit of Islamic bookshops found dozens of books, pamphlets, DVDs and CDs with radical and sometimes violent messages.

One book, Man-Made Laws Vs. Shari’ah, urges Muslims not to “accept anything from their governments and rulers except sharia”, stating any other system is heresy.

The book prescribes stoning for adultery and drinking alcohol and advocates flogging for casual sex.

The same text claims the Jews have always waged a war against Islam.

Another booklet, The Conditions of La Ilaha Illa Allah, states all children of Israel are going to hell.

“A painful torment is theirs because they used to tell lies,” it states.

It describes a Muslim’s aim as “to strive for a returning to the true Islamic way of life . . . and to bring about a society guided upon the Revelation and for the Laws of Allah to be applied upon the earth.”

More on Sheikh Omran here…



A Sunday Herald Sun investigation also found clerics railing against “evil” democracy, vilifying Jews and Christians and encouraging jihad and polygamy.

And in a popular DVD selling locally, a foreign sheik exhorts Muslims to take control of Australia by out-breeding non-believers.

British-based Sheik Abdul Raheem Green forbade Muslims from having fewer than four children so Australia would become an Islamic state.

Behind the closed doors of some Melbourne mosques and bookshops, sheiks push for Sharia law, declare Islam at war with the “sick” West and gloat that September 11 boosted Muslim numbers.


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  1. As I was used to say, Muslims are winning because Muslims are taking advantage in countries where they find democracy which is not found in their countries. Australians finally have to obey Islam and they should obey Sharia & Law as well. The days are coming, Allah promised to conquer the whole world regardless of democracy, technology. You can see it now. In Europe and U.S.A it is not easy to talk against Islam. Saudis have already given enought money to the leaders of Europe, America, Australia, etc. How can we say anything against Islam. We have to stop our genuine work and become a part of Jihad. This is the end of this world.
    Newton, Einstein, Thomas Edison, these people are not here. They have done enough and the corrupted monsters are now in their way to destroy the whole civilization for the sake of money and power. Let them do their job and wait to see Allah in the heaven.

  2. Them Mohammedans are dirty disgusting bastards. And yet western governments hear all this shit coming form the horse’s mouth all the time and make no effort to come down on Mohammedan immigrants. I wish more people and more western governments will wake up and see the danger that Islam poses to freedom loving countries.

  3. I couldn’t believe this when I saw it on the front page, just a day after these imams were ‘gagged’.

    (Well,that isn’t really true – we have known how they feel for a long time!)

    Why is the government powerless? Do we, as citizens in this democracy ,not count for anything?

    And now they blame the drought on us. As if the moongod would make a difference.


    Critical mass will be reached soon. And I mean critical mass of Aussies who will not stand for this!

  4. gramfan,
    9/11 happened in NY and not Tel Aviv because Israel gets its support and finance from the US. You have to attack the source if you want to put a stop to something. Just like if you want to stop Islam you need to attack S Arabia where the money flows from to all the extremists including the likes of Bin Laden but you and I both know why this won’t happen ( Bandar Bush ring a bell ? ) . One day I hope you will see that it was the West that started this mess with the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel (sanctioned by the West ), the support the Reagan administation gave the Taliban to stop the spread of communism ( even though the Afghanis wanted a communist government ), the illegal invasion of Iraq and so on and so on.
    Oh and please don’t use those pathetic examples of border skirmishes in Kashmir and Southern Thailand and the likes to claim there is some sort of global jihad in our midst. Just accept it. The West has made some mistakes and this terrorism we are seeing at the moment is the price we are paying for it.

  5. atheist, I don’t usually comment when you post here.

    But do you really believe that the Jihad started because of Israel? And how do you think Israel was occupied by the Muhammedans, legally?

  6. I am sorry atheist, don’t take this as being rude to you but I would have to disagree with you on some things. You are right about Saudi Arabia I will give you that, it needs to be sorted out because that is wer the constant massive cash flow is coming from for the building of mosques and Islamic schools and islamic education all over the world plus for the weapons and resources for the Mudjaheddin all over the world. But unfortunately the west don’t see Saudi Arabia as a danger because the west is fooled by the Saudis fine art of sweet Takqqiyya.

    Second of all I will also disagree with you on this, Israel is not occupying Palestine, Israel is defending itself from millions of Jew hating Mohammedans that want to wipe Israel of the map completely fact, and Israel has the right to defend itself. The Jews would live in peace and harmony in the morning, but the Mohammedans will never live in peace with the Jews.

    The Muslims have 1000s and thousands of miles of land in the whole of the Middle East but it is not good enough they want Israel to. And all the poor Jews have is a tiny little bit of land called Israel and der quite happy with one tinny little Jewish state of der Owen, is that 2 much to ask for? After all Israel is the Jewish heartland as Jews had lived Der over 2000 years before the Muslims did

    Yes of course solders have to patrol the streets of Palestine because they have to protect der democratic country form being destroyed by human bombs and the killing of innocent people. They have to keep a watchful eye on the terrorists, Israelis have no other choice to petrol the streets of Palestine, this is not occupation this is the protection of der little democratic country form hate Nazi Mohammedans that want to destroy it.

    The Palestinian parents of little children brain wash der little children form the age of toddlers to become suicide bombers to kill innocent people and be marters for Allah the moon god, how fucked up and disgusting is that?

    As soon Palestinians learn to love der children more than they hate Israeli Jews, Israelis won’t need to be keeping a watchful eye on Palestine by patrolling it. And both could live in peace but this won’t happen with the world’s most intolerant religion called Islam.

    It is also not the west fault for the Muslims fucked up problems in der fucked up countries, the Muslim blame the west and the Jews for all der problems. The Muslims bring it all on them self’s for living in the dark by following that stupid religion that makes a people retarded.

    Der is 30 conflicts all over the world involving Islam the religion of peace, that is almost all the world conflicts and wars today. And yes they are trying to take over the world it is happing all right! If the democratic world don’t wake and come down hard on Muslim immigration soon yes der is a very good possibility that western countries will be Islamic states in 30 or 40 years or sooner. remember Mohammedans multiple faster than rats!

    Some videos on the religion of peace


  7. dave,
    who do you blame for the US occupation of Iraq ? who do you blame for the holocaust ? who do you blame for the Taliban’s rise to power in the 80’s ? who do you blame for 2 million wasted lives in Vietnam ? which is the only country to ever have used nuclear weapons ? I know the right wing answer to that last question but if that is the case why didn’t the Yanks nuke Hanoi in 1967 and save 2 million lives? Try for once to think outside your right wing “everything is black and white” view for once and look at things in a different light. It’ll do you the world of good…

  8. Hmmm, the way atheist sees it America is black and everything in opposition to it is white.
    Iraq? Saddam the murdering dictator. Holocaust? Hitler and the mufti Haj Amin al Husseini. Taliban’s rise to power? Point taken, give religious megalomaniacs a sniff of strength and look out. Vietnam? War’s a bitch, is’nt it? Nuclear weapons? The Japs deserved it for its cowardly sneak attack placing America in peril, notice also that Japan became a thriving metropolis after it got its right whack. Hanoi? Is atheist suggesting America should have used the last resort of nuclear bombardment to settle that score? Atheist is a muslim, only a muslim can come to these bias if not illogical conclusions…

  9. eloivsdiablo:
    glad you agreed with me on the point about the Taliban. Does that mean we can blame Reagan for 9/11 ?

  10. Atheist says;
    “One day I hope you will see that it was the West that started this mess with the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel (sanctioned by the West ),’

    Oh please spare me this bull shit!! Crap, Crap and more crap. I am beginning to wonder of you are not an atheist but a muslim troll perhaps?

    Historically, biblically and militarily Israel has the right to this land. GROW UP!! If islam can claim military conquest as its raison d’etre so can Israel.
    It wants Spain,,no,,it wants the world. Don’t you get it yet??? Maybe you never will. It is beyond your grasp.

    You are truly pathetic because you refuse to understand islam and the lies it tells. It is just like hitler: in fact it has learned so much from him, and it is worse.

    I still cannot understand why you come to this ‘blog.

    Sheik and many posters,like eloivsdiablo, Christian West, D.T., Shiva, Foehammer and others – sorry if I missed any of our illustrious posters, are aware of the real world.

    You are a naive fool. But that is your problem: not mine.

  11. Does that mean we can blame Reagan for 9/11 ?

    Blame anything but the koran hey Athiest, the saudi hijackers where being remote controlled by Ronald Reagan from his nursing home .
    Anyway, I’m a die-hard athiest too and I’m frequently amazed by the blindness demonstrated by people like you who should be naturally wary of any religion, let alone one like islam. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, are you a lemming? A suicidal moonbat, WHAT?

  12. Savitch :

    My friend, if I may call you that, you are right on the money!

    An “Atheist” like our poster can give credibility to islam?? I think this is a huge joke! If you want to knock any religion, and I use the term loosely re islam – Islam takes the cake for looney, stupid, immoral, disgusting,,add whatever.;look in a thesaurus!

    It goes against humanity, let alone religion of any kind.

    I like what Oriana Fallaci says: it is a stagnant pond. It cannot survive. Or words to that effect. (other than breeding it does nothing).

    It has done nothing to add to world knowledge. There is nothing in islam that can be admired other than some of the architecture, creative arts from bygone eras.It is a political/theological system which goes against the grain of any intellect. No free thought is permissable.

    And is that the world you want Atheist?? Short-circuit it all and move to iran. Save us from your pathetic intellect,,please!!!

    You are a babe: wet behind the ears with a stubborn streak, and little knowledge, yet you pretend the “left’ is smarter. Boy are you in for a shock!

  13. savitch,,
    atheist = freethinker = humanist . Generally you will find atheists are lefties are well – you know, people like Wafa Sultan – you have to remember the Islamists in countries like S Arabia refer to her a nutroot moonbat – just like in the West if one criticises Bush for the moronic Christian that he is we get labelled the same . I’ll say it again. Bush is a moronic Christian right wing loony who god told to bring freedom to the Iraqis. Moonbat of the millenium if you ask me. I really don’t know who is worse. Abu Hamsa or Bush. Sure, Bush didn’t fly aeroplanes into skyscrapers but I really can’t recall the last time an Islamic nation invaded a non-islamic one.

  14. atheist
    you are too obsessed with left wing and right wong as I have said before,
    It isn’t that simple.

    Somehere in the equatiomn is commomsense and survivial: think about it.
    If it is all left and right or all black and white then you have islam. ICK!!!

  15. Atheist says; but I really can’t recall the last time an Islamic nation invaded a non-islamic one.

    How about the 6 day war 1967, the yom kippur war 1973? was started by all muslims against israel, Google yom kippur and see the significance of it.

    Have you forgotton saddam hussein launching scuds into to isreal 1991? (kuwait is a muslim country so I won;t include it). Of course you have . You were a toddler then,lol!

    They don’t have to invade: they are already here! And growing. And mischevous imams telling them the wholes story….5th column of hicks-types. IMHO!

    and FYI I wish we were all wrong about this.I would retract it gladly.

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