Utah Killings Was Jihad: Media Betrays America, Again

Just in case you had any doubts: The Killer got a hero’s funeral back in Bosnia:


Utah killer lays in coffin. Bosnian Muslims touch the “shaheed” or Islamic martyr before his burial.


March 17, 2007 — Bosnian Muslim immigrant’s rampage at a Utah shopping mall, killing five Americans while shouting Allahu Akbar or Allah is Great before being gunned down by police is a “textbook study of a jihadist attack” claim authors at the independent PipeLineNews.org.


“Contrary to claims made by Talovic’s family, his girlfriend stated that he had a contact at the local mosque, which is located immediately adjacent to the scene of Sulejman’s carnage,” write Rabinowitz and Mayer.

During the shooting spree terrified shoppers and store employees hid in kitchens, cramped closets, stairwells, storage rooms and freezers as Talovic walked through the mall, firing at them and was shouting that that Islamic God, Allah, is great as getting gunned down.

“I am amazed that the media is so obsessed with portraying Talovic as some dreamy, visionary Muslim kid and no one pays attention to the dead he left behind,” says Olivia Hill, an American from Texas.


Amazing, truly. Read it all…

4 thoughts on “Utah Killings Was Jihad: Media Betrays America, Again”

  1. The fact that he was given a shaheed’s funeral does not surprise me in the least. In fact I said so on LGF that his parent’s wish to take the body to Bosnia was a sure indication of it. This is exactly what happened to one of the London suicide bomber’s body. His parents managed a propaganda campaign in Britain about being “shocked”, “confused”, “he was good boy” etc, and then took their son’s body to Pakistan to give him a shaheed’s funeral.

    It is so predictable.

  2. I’m waiting on the Serbs to clean up that rabble. Unlike the spineless West, they will match ruthlessness with ruthlessness.

  3. Sick Muslim bastards, a hero’s funeral for killing innocent shoppers, the sick Islamic mind. An other sexually frustrated Muslim camel shit for brain died and killed for the moon god

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