A Centrifugal Furdz from da Turdz

* ‘Centrifugal Furtz’ was the title of a Frank Zappa composition. It means exactly nothing, but nothing is what you get if you read what Shakira Hussein writes.

* Here’s a gagaga yayaya many-words-saying-nothing BS article from a ‘Shakira Hussein’:


Not in my name

* What amazes is that the MSM gives her all that space for saying exactly nothing. It seems that we stupid kuffars are so hungry for appeasement that we gobble up any Islamo-crap from ‘moderates’ (a term created by our own lunatic left-turds) that anything is better than nothing:

With his outrageous call for the Islamic world to stand united behind Iran’s mullahs, Taj Din al-Hilali has once again damaged the moderate Muslim cause

THERE are times when being an Australian Muslim reminds me of arriving in London just as Rolf Harris’s cover version of Stairway to Heaven hit the charts.
It was the most irritating recording in the history of rock and, as far as most Brits were concerned, each and every Australian passport holder on the face of the planet could be held personally responsible for it. It was useless to protest that I hadn’t bought the CD, let alone recorded it. One Australian had taken a wobble board to Stairway to Heaven, so we all had to answer for it.
Of course, Taj Din al-Hilali’s pronouncements are considerably more toxic than was Harris’s desecration of a rock classic (although try telling that to outraged Led Zeppelin fans), but they have one thing in common: I have no more power as a Muslim to stop Hilali from making demented speeches than I have as an Australian to prevent Harris from recording crap novelty singles.

Whether or not he retains the title of mufti (and in the medium term he almost certainly won’t), Hilali will say what he wants to say and the rest of us will just have to deal with the understandable community outrage that follows.

* Nice try, Shakira. Catmeat-Mufti will never be a rock classic. The ‘rest of us have to deal with’… what exactly?

Shakira goes on: ‘Hilali will remain, of course. He will find some other title, perhaps refuse to recognize his sacking as legitimate, and he will continue to make outrageous statements. But the damage caused by such statements will be much reduced.’

* But what is Shakira’s lamento all about? She doesn’t tell us that. What she means is that she doesn’t agree with Hilali’s fast, impatient jihad. She worries that we stupid infidels are waking up. She doesn’t like that. Shakira would like us to go back to sleep and wake up one day to an Islamic Australia.

Google ‘Shakira Husssain’ and you’ll find all kinds of gems, like this:

Respecting hijab


Like Nile, Panopoulos and Bishop, Leslie Cannold seems to have only a hazy idea of the meaning of hijab and very little familiarity with living, breathing Muslim women. Cannold admits that the meaning of hijab is “open to interpretation”, at the same time as she “knows” its meaning to be “a symbol of gender-based oppression”. Her argument for banning of hijab in public schools is that “rightly or wrongly [our emphasis], many Australians see the scarf as a symbol of gender-based oppression women suffer in many non-western countries”. If Australians are wrong to see the scarf in that way, Ms Cannold would seem to have a duty as an ethicist to draw our attention to the error of our ways, not to urge the making of public policy on the basis of that error.

* Nuff said. Sahkira Hussains Furdz are for Turdz. Those with a brain will reject it entirely.

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