Al Reuters truly sux: Four ‘suspected’ bombers killed in Casablanca

Nothing comes through the tickers of todays  news-services anymore without labels like ‘controversial, alleged, or suspected’- ah,  and don’t forget the ‘insurgents, rebels, militants, freedom fighters’ etc;- even if the bullshit bites those who report it in the arse. You wonder why many of them won’t sign their names to it, but it won’t be long before that is ‘controversial’ too…

Orwell sends his regards… 

So does Tom Pfeiffer from Casablanca:

CASABLANCA (Reuters) – Three suspected suicide bombers blew themselves up on Tuesday following a police raid on a house in a Casablanca slum in which a fourth man was shot dead, police sources said.

Two of the men had been on the run since the dawn raid in Fida neighborhood in which one suspected Islamist militant was killed by police and an accomplice blew himself up after he was trapped on a roof terrace, the sources and witnesses said.

The four were members of a gang of up to 12 that police have been looking for since March 11, when the alleged leader of a suicide squad detonated his explosives belt in a cybercafe to stop police arresting him, the police sources added.

They said they believed the bombers had started wearing the belts all the time to stop security forces taking them alive.

Morocco has been on the alert for attacks since 2003 when 13 suicide bombers killed themselves and 32 other people in central Casablanca in an attempt to punish the country for being a staunch ally of the United States in its “war on terror.”

The MAP state news agency said two police officers were injured when the third suspect blew himself up later in the day, and that one of the officers died from his wounds.

“The fourth suicide bomber blew himself up when he saw there was no way for him to break through the police cordon,” a senior security source told Reuters, adding that he was the last suspect in a group targeted by the raid.

“At least 19 people including five policemen were injured when the fourth suicide bomber blew himself up,” said a policeman at the scene adding that the bomber appeared to deliberately target the police.

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