The (failed) Assassination of Alan Jones


Support … Prime Minister John Howard has defended Alan Jones / The Daily Telegraph

The Islamo-nazi’s, the brain-police, the progressives and the enablers of the politically correct perverts came out in force today to back the assassination of Alan Jones. You see, Alan is a very popular, well known radio host and TV presenter in Australia, sharp as a razor, one who knows how to put complex things in words, and he makes sense. Common sense. Rare as hens teeth in today’s Australia.

The brown-shirts don’t like it, the Islamo-Nazi’s hate it, the commies smell blood and lick their chops, and when the proletariat unites (and it doesn’t take much for them to unite) then you can be sure that the shit hits the fan.

But Alan Jones has friends in high places. Today the PM John Howard came out in his defense:
Jones blasts riot ruling

Did Alan Jones go too far?

Sydney radio personality Alan Jones has blasted the radio regulator over a ruling that comments made on his program incited violence and vilified people of Middle Eastern descent.

Jones went on the offensive today during his program on 2GB Radio, saying findings by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) were biased and based on complaints of people who do not listen to his show.

ACMA said Harbour Broadcasting Pty Ltd, licensee of commercial Sydney radio station 2GB, had twice breached Australia’s broadcasting code in the days before the December 2005 Cronulla race riot.

* Which ‘race-riot?’ When Aussies demonstrated in Cronulla against the rapes, the assaults and the bashing of life-guards there were no riots, that was a demonstration.

* The riots came afterwards when 60 cars with armed Islamo-Nazis drove through the suburbs in high speed, bashed Aussies -because they were Aussies,- and smashed up a hundred cars, shot up and firebombed 4 churches and stabbed innocent people. All of this deliberately distorted and disseminated by the useful idiots and the creeps of the far-left bullshit media. Supported by incompetent polit-props and a police force that didn’t protect the citizens it was supposed to protect.

* Not one of the Lebanese thugs was prosecuted, although many of them were caught on video. One Aussie walking down the street with a tree branch got 3 months. What does that tell you?

The regulator found the Commercial Radio Code of Practice 2004 was breached by comments aired on Jones’ top-rating breakfast program during December 5 and 9, 2005.

Those comments contravened the code by being “likely to encourage violence or brutality” and “likely to vilify people of Lebanese origin….

* You see: Calling thugs for what they are is ‘vilifying’ them…

* Howard backs ‘racist’ Alan Jones

PRIME Minister John Howard has backed embattled Sydney radio identity Alan Jones a day after he was found to have incited violence and vilified people of Middle Eastern descent in the days before race riots in Sydney.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) yesterday found Jones breached the Commercial Radio Code of Practice during his breakfast program between December 5 and 9, 2005.

The authority said the comments broke the code by being “likely to encourage violence or brutality” and “likely to vilify people … of Middle Eastern background”.

However, Mr Howard today called Mr Jones an “outstanding broadcaster”.

“I am not going to get involved in comments on individual decisions, but let me say this; I think Alan Jones is an outstanding broadcaster,” Mr Howard said.

* Indeed. He is.

The Australian calls him ‘Guilty’

but then changes the tune:

JOHN Howard described Alan Jones as an “outstanding broadcaster” and Kevin Rudd insisted he would be happy to appear on his show as the Sydney radio host took to the airwaves yesterday to savage the media watchdog that has found him guilty of inciting violence during the Cronulla race riots.

* Do something useful for once, Kevin! Knock yourself out!

* Not all have lost their minds: Here is some support from Paul Kent from the Daily Telegraph

* More links..

Courier Mail

* Needless to mention that the wankers from the Cairns Fishwrap, ‘those who must not be named’- a certain reporter and his editor, both experts on Islam and character-assassination, two pink shadows with a ‘collective view’- (to quote Australian Press Council Jack Herman) have already ‘collectively’ decided what the header must be:

“Jones Guilty of Racial Vilification”

3 thoughts on “The (failed) Assassination of Alan Jones”

  1. I listened to this unfold yesterday on the radio.Its quite obvious that the LEFT don’t need facts to destroy anyone it disagrees with.
    ACMA is a typical LEFT wing organisation with intentions to destroy anyone IT deems fit.Lets get some reality here, two members are from LEFT wing radio stations (the ABC & SBS).Also the evidence they fronted up with was from a NEWSPAPER article written by a reporter who apologised to Jones saying he was wrong.
    The whole thing STINKS of hypocrisy.
    Also ACMA is above the LAW and can’t be sued for SLANDER.
    What happened here is almost the same circumstances as the two Danny’s in VIC.
    The left are morally and intellectually EVIL.
    The left are in cahoots with islamists and I will NEVER forgive them.
    F U LEFT.
    Once again an unelected,unaccountable beaurocacy out of control trying to destroy a good mans life for the sake of their agenda.
    The repercussions from this ,I hope,will send waves all over Australia that the left are EVIL.
    Sorry,how many LEBS were arrested after the Cronulla revenge attacks?
    F*$k all.
    How many Aussies?
    Shit loads.
    We all know where this is going.
    The lefts self hatred astounds me even to this day.
    Marx and Gramsci have a lot to answer for.
    Freedom of speech is something we don’t have in Oz (unless you are a leftard or a stinking mussie).
    Mind you ,I think the left picked on someone who is too big to be ignored.
    Go A.J. and kick their arse.

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