America: Did You Vote For This?


PHOTO: U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi enters inside the historic Ommayad Mosque during her tour of downtown Damascus, Syria, Tuesday April 3, 2007. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Syria on Tuesday, the highest-ranking American hat tip Deb

Bush calls Dems ‘irresponsible’ on Iraq

AP via Yahoo! News
President Bush denounced “irresponsible” Democrats on Tuesday for going on spring break without approving money for the Iraq war with no strings. He condemned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria, too, accusing her of encouraging a terrorism sponsor.

Even Syrian Muslims are revolted by Pelosi’s stupidity:

A statement from the Reform Party of Syria about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s disgraceful visit to the Baathist regime, and what it means to women struggling for rights in the Islamic world: Has Pelosi Gone Bonkers?

As a Muslim, I fully understand respect of our religion by visiting US officials and I applaud that respect. Had Speaker Pelosi worn the Hijab inside a Mosque, this would have indicated respect but for Pelosi to wear it on the streets of Damascus all the while she is sitting with the self-imposed Baschar al-Assad who has come to symbolize oppression and one of the reasons why women are forced to wear the Hijab as they turn to religion to express their freedom is a statement of submittal not only to oppression but also to lack of women’s rights in the Middle East. Pelosi just reversed the work of the Syrian civil society and those who aspire for women’s freedom in the Muslim countries many years back with her visual statement. Her lack of experience of the Middle East is showing.

Assad could not have been happier because Syrian women, seeing a US official confirming what their husbands, the Imams in the Mosques tell them, and the society at large imposes on them through peer pressure will see in her wearing a Hijab as a confirmation of the societal pressures they are constantly under. No one will ever know how many women took the Hijab on after seeing Pelosi wearing it. The damage Speaker Pelosi is causing with her visit to Syria will be felt for many years to come.

4 thoughts on “America: Did You Vote For This?”

  1. She’ll travel halfway across the globe to honor the religious tradition of a dictator who’s murdering American’s through his proxies, but she, as a Catholic proponent of gay-marriage, won’t honor the traditional Christian stance against homosexuality at home.

  2. did you know that the `Umayyad mosque was originally a Greek Orthodox cathedral? At one point in her visit to the mosque, Pelosi crossed herself, as you may have noticed. Presumably she was at a shrine to John the Baptist which was allowed to remain inside the converted church, now a mosque.

  3. This is a down right disgrace, what is becoming of some people at all, its getting beyond the joke, how could people from a civilized country of freedom be so retarded. It is very worrying that we have insane lunatics like this in government and the media, this women is off her rocker box and badly needs to get checked out. She even looks goofy looking!

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