Mainstream Media Serving up Taqiyya

Pamela from Atlas Shrugs has a great take on the Muslim Brotherhood and one of his most sinister agents in the West, the darling of the befuddled left: Tariq Ramadan
The spin is spinning out of control. I expect the New Times and their satellites to provide their executioners with the crude, rusty knife to sever their heads. Of course you expect the enmy to concoct their propaganda a la Goebbels but the American press should be flogged for selling it so willfully.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Propaganda Offensive
Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa Lappen, American Thinker

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is heightening its U.S. propaganda offensive in advance of the 2008 presidential elections, taking advantage of the political uncertainty and opposition to the current Administration’s defense policies against radical Muslim terrorist organizations and states.

Incredibly, “Hear Out the Muslim Brotherhood,” an op-ed in the Boston Globe on Sunday March 25, portrayed the outlawed Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood as a reforming tool to promote democracy and stability there and throughout the Middle East, and praised the MB for “surviving” decades of oppression by previous Egyptian regimes.


Meanwhile, The New York Times is busy whitewashing one of the MB’s most corrosive European leaders, Tariq Ramadan, who was barred last September from the U.S. because he funded Hamas. Ramadan’s protest was published last October in The Washington Post. In his op-ed, Ramadan declared that unlike the enlightened Europeans who allow criticism, especially regarding the war on terrorism, “the U.S. government’s paranoia has evolved far beyond a fear of particular individuals and taken on a much more insidious form: the fear of ideas.” But Ramadan’s “ideas” and influence among Muslims are nothing to sneeze at. Indeed, his association with and direct involvement with al-Qaeda operatives in Europe, Africa and the Middle East is well documented by Spanish and French courts.

That information, however, seem to have escaped the attention of U.S. media outlets that keep singing Ramadan praises. Lately, The New York Times seems to be serving as Ramadan’s mouthpiece.

A lengthy favorable profile of Ramadan’s appeared in the February 4, 2007, NYTSunday Magazine. At the end of the 5,181 word article, “Tariq Ramadan Has an Identity Issue,” I an Burama concluded: “Ramadan offers a different way… values that are as universal as those of the European Enlightenment… these values are neither secular, nor always liberal, but they are not part of a holy war against Western democracy either. His politics offer an alternative to violence, which, in the end, is reason enough to engage with him, critically, but without fear.” Further arguments on Ramadan’s behalf were made in the April 1, 2007 New York Times Book Review, by Stephanie Giry. Praising Ramadan’s latest book — tellingly titled “In the Footsteps of the Prophet” — Giry recommends,

“Taking him [Ramadan] literally could be one way to get beyond his critics’ accusations, as well as the paranoid legalism of the State Department.”
Moreover, she finds “Ramadan’s universalist, apolitical view of Islam” as the “the pragmatic resolution of social frictions.”

This willful blindness to Ramadan’s agenda to globalize the Shari’a and establish the Caliphate is so prevalent that the media apparently chose to ignore his arrest on March 13, 2007, at Charles de Gaulle International Airport, for “insulting a public agent.”