Catmeat Sheik: Where did the money go?

No need to ask: Be sure Hilali invested it wisely in the global jihad.

Is there any cause more noble and worthy than fighting in the way of Allah?

By Richard Kerbaj from the Australian:

* Money handed out in Beirut
* Iraqi insurgency supporters received money
* Hilali yet to detail where funds went

MUSLIM cleric Taj al-Din al-Hilali personally handed out in Beirut tens of thousands of dollars collected at Australian mosques in the aftermath of last year’s Israel-Hezbollah war but has failed to properly detail where the money went.

The funds raised by Islamic organisations, including the Lebanese Muslim Association, following the 34-day war were earmarked for the victims of the conflict.

But documents obtained by The Australian reveal that $US10,000 was handed to a supporter of the Iraqi insurgency, Sheik Bilal Shaaban, to go towards his Islamic radio station.

The $70,000 raised by the Australian Muslim community was electronically transferred into the private bank account in Lebanon of an LMA employee – Yihya Safi – before they were withdrawn and handed out by Sheik Hilali and Sheik Safi.

Well and truly in the tradition of Yasser Arafat, Read it all:

3 thoughts on “Catmeat Sheik: Where did the money go?”

  1. I’m sure “Sheikh Shady” is waiting to take over from the treasonous Hilali.

    “They say I’m the Sheikh of Uncovered Meat, but I don’t care.”

  2. What a generous guy. I wish I would have been there to get some of that money-at least it wouldn’t have gone for terrorism.

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