“Controversial” Catmeat Update:

Sheik Hilali urged the Islamic world to unite behind Iran

* Surprise, surprise! Are the Shiites no longer ‘rafidite dogs’ to the ‘superior’ Sunni’s?

Words could be used to recruit extremists, imam warns

* That’s the intention, is it not?

Federation of Islamic Councils confirm Hilali is still mufti

* Catmeat is the best! Whatever you say, dear leader…!


Daily Telegraph/Richard Kerbaj

AUSTRALIA’S most senior Islamic cleric, Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali, called on the Muslim world to unite behind the radical Iranian regime and to serve in its “trenches” in comments published during a visit to Tehran last weekend.

As Iran was involved in a standoff with Western powers over the detention of 15 British naval personnel seized after they were accused of trespassing in its waters last month, the Iranian media were using Sheik Hilali’s quotes in a propaganda drive.

The controversial Australian mufti was quoted as saying that the global Islamic nation would never “kneel” to its enemies.

In reports published in Iran on Saturday, Sheik Hilali was quoted as saying that Muslims needed to overcome their sectarian divisions that have led to much “bloodletting” in Iraq.

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* The Age, Australia’s far left  rag for the ‘sensitive, progressives’ in Drag, addresses Yvonne Ridley as ‘Mrs. Ridley’- something they would never afford the PM, but Yvonne gets a platform with respect:

Ms Ridley said she found Sheikh Hilali “charming and supportive” on a previous visit to Australia.


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  1. I like Hilali. He is doing more than anyone else in exposing what an evil cult islam is by simply opening his mouth. You have to admit, since he started to sprout his crap, more australians and for that matter the world have sat up and realised what islam is about and the threat it is.

    Bring it on Moofti Poofti..

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