Merkel Refuses to Honor Palestinians’ Grievance Theater

Big LGF and Winds of Jihad kudos to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who treated the thugs of the PLO with exactly the respect they deserve: Palestinians ‘offended’ by Merkel’s pro-Israel stance.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, speaks with Lebanese PM Fuad Saniora, right, during a meeting at the Lebanese government house in Beirut, Lebanon, Monday.
Photo: AP


Palestinian Authority officials have accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of “offending the Palestinians’ feelings” during her visit earlier this week to Ramallah, where she met with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

The accusations, the first of their kind against a European leader, were made by top PA officials only hours after Merkel and her entourage left Ramallah on Monday. “She did everything to provoke the Palestinians during her visit,” said one official. “She showed no understanding for the plight of our people. On the other hand, she appeared to be very biased toward Israel.”

The official claimed that while Merkel refused to meet with families of Palestinian prisoners held in Israel, she focused during her talks with Abbas on the need to release kidnapped IDF Cpl. Gilad Schalit, who has been held in the Gaza Strip since last June. In addition, he noted, Merkel met with the families of missing IDF soldiers during her visit to Jerusalem.

At the joint press conference with Abbas, Merkel refused to answer a question about the Palestinian prisoners in Israel, the official added. “She appeared to be obsessed with the case of Gilad Schalit,” he said. “But she refused to even acknowledge the fact that we have more than 10,000 prisoners in Israel.”

Another PA official described Merkel’s visit to Ramallah as “extremely negative and a total disappointment.” He revealed that Abbas had originally requested that the meeting take place in Bethlehem, where Christians are celebrating Holy Week.

“We were hoping to show her the wall that Israel built around Bethlehem, but she refused to go there,” he said. “President Abbas was hoping to draw parallels between Israel’s wall and the Berlin Wall. He wanted to remind Merkel of the days when she lived in East Berlin.”

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3 thoughts on “Merkel Refuses to Honor Palestinians’ Grievance Theater”

  1. “President Abbas was hoping to draw parallels between Israel’s wall and the Berlin Wall. He wanted to remind Merkel of the days when she lived in East Berlin.”

    East Berlin was not a cess-pool,and the East Germans where not jumping over the wall and exploding them-selves along “Kurfürstendamm”

  2. However Shiva,

    the East Germans who were trapped behind the Berlin Wall risked being killed by soldiers on duty on the Eastern side of the wall, if they attempted to escape into West Berlin.

    I like Angela Merkel because she truly “gets it”. This talk of 10,000 Palestinian prisoners is a real joke. They are criminals. They have not been kidnapped. They are in prison because of their crimes against humanity. What did these three soldiers do? They did not blow up a child and her father!!! Of course the child was just an Israeli pig (sarcasm alert)

  3. 10,000 palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails? That’s not nearly enough-throw them all in. And make sure the prisons are not up to Muslim standards-no Korans, no toilets facing away from Mecca, no halal food, no media-none of that baloney. Treat them all they way they are probably treating Shalit.

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