Militants blow up part of American school in Gaza


* Our ‘friends’ from Hamas, the ‘democratically elected’ genocidal maniacs of Palistan, -we have to support them because they are ‘democratically elected’– right?


Now these fanatical murderers and assassins have teamed up with Al Qaeda and bomb internet cafe’s and Schools: Today the terrorists struck at American International School: Militants blow up part of American school in Gaza.

(The school has no connection to the US government.)

GAZA (Reuters) – Palestinian militants blew up parts of the American International School in Gaza on Saturday, causing damage but no injuries, Palestinian security sources and witnesses said.

The security sources and school officials said the militants detonated three explosive devices in two of the buildings of the school in the northern Gaza Strip. The blast occurred before the start of the school day and no one was injured in the attack.

“A large number of masked gunmen attacked the school at dawn. They poured petrol all around and blew up several explosive devices and destroyed some of the premises,” said Rebhi Salem, the school’s director.

The gunmen identified themselves as an al Qaeda organization operating in Gaza, Salem said. There have been a rash of attacks in Gaza in recent months attributed to Islamist groups that claim to be followers of al Qaeda.

The school is a private institution that is part of an association of “American Schools” in the Middle East. The curriculum stresses English as well as Arabic studies. None of the teachers are American.

Agence France Presse has a few more details, and gratuitously includes the ludicrous denial that refuses to die—that the attacks are not connected to Islam. Even though the attackers all seem to be fanatical Muslims, who say they’re doing it in the name of Islam and quote the Koran to justify it.

And in this case the denial comes from a representative of the genocidal Islamic terror gang Hamas. The media really do think their readers are stupid.

Bombers wreck American school in Gaza Strip.


Of course all of these activities have nothing to do with the Religion of Peace


The official said police were considering a possible link with a wave of attacks on internet cafes in the Gaza Strip over the past month that has seen around 30 targeted.

Most of the attacks have been claimed by an extremist group called “The Swords of Truth,” which says the cafes offer young Palestinians access to pornographic websites.

A library run by a Protestant Christian group was also extensively damaged in a pre-dawn bomb attack in Gaza City last Sunday.

A former minister from the Islamist movement Hamas, Alaadin al-Aaraj, told teachers during a tour of the wreckage that the “shameful attack has no connection with Islam.”


Peaceful Pali-Arabs on the evening news


Read also “Torture Inch by Inch” and how the US-government is being slowly manipulated into paying the Jiziyah to the Pali-murderers: The US is inching slowly but surely towards relaxing the boycott against the Hamas government, in a diplomatic version of waterboarding for those of us who believe we should not be appeasing these genocidal monsters one little bit.

And the State Department must take us all for complete idiots if they expect us to believe that US funds distributed to “moderates” won’t be used to finance murder: US working with Fayad on way to channel funds.


Since the EU-Dhimmi’s have already handed over 66 million Euro’s to the Pali-thugs and intend to give them much, much more, , the US must not be seen as ungenerous, after all these good people ‘deserve their own state’- right?