Iran: Whole lotta moralizing going on…

14,635 arrested in morals campaign


Whole lotta immorality going on in the Islamic Republic, but they’re on the case. “Iran: 14,635 Arrested in Moralisation Campaign,” from AKI, with thanks to Fjordman via Dhimmi Watch

* Judging by the above, Iran would have to be the most ‘moral’ country in the world:
Tehran, 29 May (AKI) – In the four weeks since a highly publicised government moralisation campaign kicked off, 14,635 people were temporarily detained under strict new Islamic dress code laws punishing offenders with arrest. Another 67,000 people were reprimanded by police, according to a tally kept by the local Rooz daily based on police statements. Only in airports and train stations some 1,115 people, mostly women, were arrested while 17,135 were not allowed to board planes or trains as they were not dressed properly.

* Nothing but the full monty is sufficient these days. Islamic ‘freedom’ ladies, get ready for your ‘liberation…’


“portable seclusion” in Iran

Pamela Bone:

Forget culturalism, rights are universal

Tony Blair was right; personal freedom is not the preserve of the West
There is nothing new in noting that ordinary Muslims are the best hope the West has in fighting Islamic extremism. It is only far-right Islamic fundamentalists (and their far-left Western apologists) who think people want to live in an Islamic theocracy. Most do not. Once given secular government, most people will fight to keep it, which is why up to one million Turks recently marched through Istanbul to protest against the possible election of a new Islamist president.

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It’s bad enough that the Bush Administration actually thinks talking with Iran is going to stop them from killing even more of our troops in Iraq. Worse still, these talks officially end our diplomatic isolation of Iran since 1979 when the Iranians took Americans hostage. But it is flat out obscene that the talks were held on Memorial Day. There are Americans at gravesides today mourning loved ones who were cut down by Iranian-backed militias.