Keyzar Trad, “Out Of Context” Sidekick for Al Hilali, Rewrites the Koran:

Koran translation



A key supporter of controversial Sheikh Taj El-Deen El-Hilali has prepared an Australian translation of the Koran.



* That’s right baby, never miss that ‘controversial’ BS label…

Fairfax newspapers say Keysar Trad has tweaked the meaning of 799 words and phrases, in a revised edition of the Muslim holy book.


* Your ‘prophet’ will be shaking in his sandals, Keyzar!

The translation challenges the use of words that critics say have been used to justify a ban on Muslim friendships with Jews and Christians.

* Are we “re-interpreting” the holy texts again for the filthy kuffar, Kaysar?”

* Heyheyheyhey: “Ban on Muslim friendship with Christians and Jews? What did you call Australians a few years ago, Keysar?

“The criminal dregs of white society..?”  Have you forgotten all about it?

Who allowed  people like Trad  into the country without asking them whether they like or hate Christians and Jews?

The Abdulla Yusuf Ali translation, which Mr Trad has revised for Australian readers, is due to be published next month.

* Infidels ware waiting with baited breath!

3 thoughts on “Keyzar Trad, “Out Of Context” Sidekick for Al Hilali, Rewrites the Koran:”

  1. All you Ozzies – want to see what Britain’s turned into?

    Here’s his VC citation:

    No. 10119 Rifleman Tullbahadur Pun, 6th Gurkha Rifles, Indian Army.

    “In Burma on June 23rd, 1944, a Battalion of the 6th Gurkha Rifles was ordered to attack the Railway Bridge at Mogaung. Immediately the attack developed the enemy opened concentrated and sustained cross fire at close range from a position known as the Red House and from a strong bunker position two hundred yards to the left of it.

    So intense was this cross fire that both the leading platoons of ‘B’ Company, one of which was Rifleman Tulbahadur Pun’s, were pinned to the ground and the whole of his Section was wiped out with the exception of himself, the Section commander and one other man. The Section commander immediately led the remaining two men in a charge on the Red House but was at once badly wounded. Rifleman Tulbahadur Pun and his remaining companion continued the charge, but the latter too was immediately wounded.

    Rifleman Tulbahadur Pun then seized the Bren Gun, and firing from the hip as he went, continued the charge on this heavily bunkered position alone, in the face of the most shattering concentration of automatic fire, directed straight at him. With the dawn coming up behind him, he presented a perfect target to the Japanese. He had to move for thirty yards over open ground, ankle deep in mud, through shell holes and over fallen trees.

    Despite these overwhelming odds, he reached the Red House and closed with the Japanese occupations. He killed three and put five more to flight and captured two light machine guns and much ammunition. He then gave accurate supporting fire from the bunker to the remainder of his platoon which enabled them to reach their objective.

    His outstanding courage and superb gallantry in the face of odds which meant almost certain death were most inspiring to all ranks and beyond praise.”

    But we let the jihadi scum in – and then when we catch them, we can’t even deport them.


    Read what ARRSE (Army rumour service) members have to say about it:

    While you’re there, a few of you might want to sign up and join in … ?

  2. Some clarification would be appreciated in places around the world where the religion of pieces is ripping countries apart with the jihad interpretation. Why waste time on kafir pigs and apes when holy people like Bin Laden, Sadr, Nasrallah, and Ahmadinejad can be given guidance on Kayar’s version of islam? The world is saved! Kaysar to the rescue, the future leader of the world caliph has arrived, all hail the savior Kaysar!!!

  3. EloiVsDiablo – you always crack me up – thanks for that!!

    I was under the impression the Koran is immutable. This guy is getting too big for his boots, but taqquiya will save him. He will put all the ignorant, useful idiot Aussie minds at rest. They can go back to sleep and wake up wearing a burka or pyjamas!

    I just want to know how he is going to use the “out of context” shtick on this one: I can hardly wait!

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