Sydney’s Nazi’s see ‘Sister City’ in Hebron

Hebron sister city anger



Imre Salusinszky, The Australian

More proof that far left lunatics are nothing but Nazi’s and attention seekers:

A SYDNEY council’s proposal to build a sister-city relationship with the Palestinian town of Hebron has triggered outrage among Sydney’s Jewish community and accusations of “gross abuse” of ratepayer trust.
Leichhardt City Council, in Sydney’s inner west, approved a motion last month by Labor Mayor Alice Murphy to investigate a friendship or sister-city relationship with Hebron, which is governed by the Palestinian Authority, following representations from a local peace group.

“Do they know who’s on Hebron council?” Mr Newhouse said. “Do they know who runs that place? And what protections are in place to ensure the council isn’t dealing with people with blood on their hands?”

Vic Alhadeff, from the Jewish Board of Deputies, said the council had been led astray by a hard Left group and had no business getting involved in the global arena in a partisan political way.

And Paddy McGuinness, a former Leichhardt councillor and editor of the conservative magazine Quadrant, was even more blunt. “They’re wankers,” he said. “It’s the usual inner-city Left loonies. They’re silly and of course they’re anti-Semitic.”

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Meanwhile, in other news:

Camp ‘infiltrated’ by extremists

Martin Chulov, The Australian Middle East correspondent in Tripoli

PALESTINIANS who fled their refugee camp as Islamists battled the Lebanese army have described how foreign Arabs infiltrated their communities, at first claiming to be aligned to a recognised group.
From a squalid schoolyard inside a nearby camp, in which thousands of refugees are seeking shelter, three men told The Weekend Australian of a trojan horse operation they said was launched last November by Fatah al-Islam militants.

“They were Arabs from outside,” said Abu Ahmad, whose home in the Nahr al-Barad refugee camp was levelled on Monday by Lebanese army artillery shells.

“There were some Lebanese among them, but mostly they were Iraqis, Syrians, Moroccans, Algerians and even Turks.

“Of the 300 men they claimed to have, only about five were Palestinian. When they arrived last November, they said they were from Fatah al-Intifada” — the Syrian-aligned pro-Palestinian group that was instrumental in forcing former PLO leader Yassir Arafat to leave Lebanon in 1983.

“But one day earlier this year, they handed out leaflets and raised a flag above the mosque,” said a second man, who identified himself as Khalil.

“From that day they said they were Fatah al-Islam, and they threw the people out of the Fatah al-Intifada offices.”

By then, we knew their main cause was NOT Palestinian,” said a third man, Abu Mohammed. “But they were good to the families and they kept to themselves within three communities inside the camp. There was nothing we could do.”

* Sure. ‘Nothing we could do’- sez Abu Mohammed.

Then why should WE do anything about it?

More than half of Nahr al-Barad’s refugee population had fled to the nearby Beddawi camp by late yesterday as skirmishes between the trapped militants and the surrounding Lebanese army troops intensified.


Now tell us: What does this asshole look like to YOU??? 

Fatah al-Islam spokesman Salim Abu Tahar insisted the remaining insurgents were preparing to die, and said they had enough men to cause serious army casualties.

Most Palestinian factions have distanced themselves from the militant group.

“We have nothing at all to do with those they call Fatah al-Islam,” Palestinian President and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas told a press conference in Gaza City. “We do not approve of the actions by this group.”

At least 69 militants and soldiers are known to have died in the fighting. But Palestinians at Beddawi camp insist dozens more civilians remain trapped or dead under the rubble of communities destroyed by three days of army shelling this week. Up to 30 Palestinian civilians remain in hospitals in Beddawi town, most suffering from gunshot and shrapnel wounds.

The Lebanese Government has ordered the military to finish off the rebels in the Nahr al-Barad camp, saying they are linked to al-Qa’ida.

Syria has denied claims it is backing Fatah al-Islam to destabilise Lebanon’s anti-Syrian and Western-backed Government.

Two large US military transport planes landed at Beirut airport yesterday bringing supplies to aid the Lebanese army, security officials said.

* So what was their cause?

‘Grievances? Oppression?’ Could is be…

NO: You don’t say! The global Jihad???

Perhaps you can find the answer here:

Al-Qaeda vows “seas of blood” over Lebanon “Palestinians”


Lebanese soldiers trying to restore order

An explicitly religious appeal. “Qaeda vows ‘seas of blood’ over Lebanon Palestinians,” from Reuters, via Jihad Watch

DUBAI, May 25 (Reuters) – A group calling itself al Qaeda’s wing in the Levant vowed to carry out bombings in Lebanon and attacks on Christians unless Beirut pulled its army away from Palestinian refugee camps.
“We warn you for the last time, after which there will be nothing apart from seas of blood,” said a speaker identified as the military leader of the group in a video posted on Friday by a media arm used by Islamist groups including Qaeda in Iraq.

“What we want is that you order the Christian Lebanese army to pull its men from around all Palestinian camps and the Nahr al-Bared Camp in particular,” he said addressing Maronite Christian Partiarch Cadrinal Nasrallah Sfeir.

“If you do not stop we will wrench out your hearts with … bombs,” said the speaker whose face was covered with a chequered head dress and who had rifle magazines around his torso….

The speaker described the army’s campaign as a “brutal … crusade under the pretext of fighting terrorism” and argued that Palestinians in Lebanon have always suffered discrimination….

Addressing Sfeir, the militant said: “Leash your dogs away from our kin and stop the fire of your canons, or else… No crusader will be safe in Lebanon after today. As you hit you will be hit.”…

“We welcome a battle, and do not be fooled by the support of apostate Arabs to you,” the militant said.

Beirut in talks to end clashes with Islamists

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  1. OT,
    but this was just on cable news:

    “Out of context” keysar has reinterpreted a translation of the koran:

    Koran translation
    A key supporter of controversial Sheikh Taj El-Deen El-Hilali has prepared an Australian translation of the Koran.

    Fairfax newspapers say Keysar Trad has tweaked the meaning of 799 words and phrases, in a revised edition of the Muslim holy book.

    The translation challenges the use of words that critics say have been used to justify a ban on Muslim friendships with Jews and Christians.

    The Abdulla Yusuf Ali translation, which Mr Trad has revised for Australian readers, is due to be published next month.

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