Religion of Peace Strikes Again in Restive Thailand

Because jihad is a constant in the 1400 years of Islamic conquest.

It is permanent and relentless, until all the world belongs to Allah:

Five more people dead in the Thailand jihad

From the Nation

YALA – Suspected separatist rebels have shot dead five people in Thailand’s restive south, police said Sunday.

A Buddhist motorcycle mechanic and a Muslim villager were killed in separate drive-by shootings late Saturday in Yala province, local officers said.

On Sunday morning in the same province, gunmen opened fire on a Buddhist woman and her 16-year-old son. The teenager died later in hospital, while his 51-year-old mother was in a serious condition.

In nearby Narathiwat province, one Muslim villager was killed in a drive-by shooting, local police told AFP, while a Buddhist construction worker was shot dead and his body burnt beyond recognition in Pattani province.


In other places, Thai’s are refreshingly politically incorrect:


‘We respect your belief in Islam’

Latest news:

 Australian journalist, guide injured in Yala bomb attack

A bomb explosion injured an Australian journalist and his Thai guide in Yala province on Tuesday.

Philip Blenkinsop, a freelance photographer for Time Magazine, was taking photographs of a victim who was shot and burnt beyond recognition when a bomb exploded near him.

Blenkinsop suffered several sharpnel wounds to his body while his guide, Roya Bango, suffered slight injury to the back.

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