“Why cant Muslim kids be taught to arm themselves up with AK-47’s”


Andrew Bolt had a look at what Australia’s Muslim kidz are saying on their own websites, and it comes as no surprise that Arab Imperialism and supremacy, otherwise known as ‘Islam’ – rules the day:

Check this interesting discussion on Sydney’s popular Muslim Village Australia website about the Hamas Mickey Mouse on Palestinian TV that urges children to fight Israel.


Update on the Jihad Rat here:

Of course, these are sure to be the views of an insignificant minority of Australian Muslims, and the real sin is to mention they even exist. Some highlights from the Muslim Village thread:

* Nothing without the above disclaimer. Only too strange that we NEVER hear from the ‘majority of peaceful, law-abiding Muslims..’ -don’t ya think?

# of course they should grow up, with the intention of establishing an islamic state. even if it means that they need to free their lands from oppression with ak-47’s… its their right to resist..

* Keep in mind that ‘free their lands’ means to conquer all the lands in the world and rid all the world of unbelievers and Jews and ‘polytheists’…

may all my children die in the path of ALLAH swt, whether its by doing dawah or by physically taking up arms to free people from oppression..

* ‘Oppression’ for the Muslims means the existence of kuffar, disbelief in Allah…

‘may all my children die in the path of Allah’ is the old chestnut: ‘kuffar-we-love-death and you like Pepsi Cola..’
# malcolm x said it perfectly mashaALLAH.. may ALLAH grant him the reward of a martyr insha ALLAH

* Every Muslim talks like that. Malcolm X makes no difference here…

# There’s nothing in our book, the Quran—you call it “Ko-ran”—that teaches us to suffer peacefully. Our religion teaches us to be intelligent. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery. That’s a good religion.

* ‘respect the law’ means of course Islamic law, the sharia, which must be respected. If the kuffar creates obstacles to the spread of Islam, the Muslim should kill him. The kuffar must not let the Muslim ‘suffer’…

#who are u to deny the palestinians the right to defend themselves and fight for their freedom? maybe you think they should just roll over and accept oppression but us as muslims are obligated to fight for our rights and not accept such gross oppression..

* ‘The right of the Pali-Arabs or any other jihadists to ‘defend themselves’ -simply means to annihilate the Jews and the tiny state of Israel. Jews, at least some of them, may be allowed to live UNDER Muslim rule, in slave like conditions, as ‘dhimmies’- otherwise muslims are ‘oppressed’

# Why cant Muslim kids be taught to arm themselves up with AK-47’s and strive for world domination under Islamic leadership? As Muslims, its our duty to aim for and aspire to a world that is administered by Islam.

* That’s right. Why only AK 47’s?

Every Islamic lunatic should have his very own nukes in order to blackmail and threaten the kuffars into submission, until they pay the jiziyah with ‘willing submission’…

# Teaching ones kids gheira for their Muslim brothers and sisters and to uphold the word of Allah and to strive to rule the world by it IS the high moral ground.

* See, if we would post this on our websites they would call us ‘Islam-bashers’, ‘haters & racists’- but for them the call for world domination and our subjugation is quite normal…

# Picking up weapons to fight injustice and to establish the Islamic rule is such a virtue, most virtues in this world are pale in comparison to it! Its about time Muslims stopped toeing the US and its cronies ridiculous line of “violence is wrong” and that too after seeing (blindly seeing?) all the violence perpetrated by their evil war machine.

* infidel rule, ‘man-made law’- is injustice. We need the sharia, now…

# Picking up weapons is NOT wrong! Picking up weapons for injustice is wrong.

* That’s right. The kuffar is wrong to defend himself against his rightful Muslim rulers…

# Jihad (includes defensive, offensive, combatant and noncombatant aspects, and is NEVER for the sake of injustice) is a virtue so great, hardly anything in this life compares to it and only Allah knows the true magnificence of a person who engages in it

* Damn. I thought jihad was ‘inner struggle…?’

we need to free all Muslim lands of tyrannical rule and establish the laws of Allah, in our lands first and expand it to the world.

* Go knock yourself out, Muslim! Start in your own country first, please!

# Islam is based on TOTAL SUBMISSION, not on logic and destructive reasoning.

* Couldn’t agree more.

Only here it comes from the camels mouth, so to speak. Why argue with such wisdom and knowledge?


Read also: Al Qaeda’s Al Zawahiri recruiting black American bombers


Satan’s Scorched Earth Policy:

“If we continue to aspire to nothing more than diplomas, positions, salaries, pensions and the raising of our children, there will be nothing but humiliation in store for us, our children and our grandchildren,” he argued. “If, on the other hand, we are happy with killing, captivity, emigration, losing one’s spouse, orphanage, and losing one’s wealth, homeland and beloved in the path of Allah, then with Allah’s help, no power on the face of the earth can defeat us.”


7 thoughts on ““Why cant Muslim kids be taught to arm themselves up with AK-47’s””

  1. Just noticed this up on Bolt’s ‘blog also. Nothing none of us didn’t already know.

    Did anyone else catch “Australia Deliberates” last week on ABC digital? Muslims were saying we should have more dialogue with them and be “friends”. I suppose they really mean that way they know who they can start dispensing with,,on a first name basis, that is!

    Kudos to Bolt for putting this up. I can hardly wait for the usual suspects to say their predictable bits!

  2. “Why cant Muslim kids be taught to arm themselves up with AK-47’s?””

    Uhhh because kids shouldn’t be taught about killing and dieing before they have even learned to live.

    Well lets take a look at some of the other things these kids learn while being taught to use AK’s:

    Lets see theres Hatred.
    Theres racism.
    Theres that old superiority complex.
    They are taught the “others” steal from the muslim lands.
    They are taught the non muslims oppress them.

    There are many more but the point is they are taught to be evil while being taught to use weopons.

    I am willing to bet there are muslims youths being taught to kill right here in America.And if one didn’t know better one could imagine that If and or WHEN all hell breaks loose that even the muslim children will be called on to kill non muslim children.

    After seeing the teenage boy slicing the head off of a man on video it would NOT surprise me.

    The “international community” is a failure for not reckognizing these failures and or faults in islam.They should not even be able to drive past the U.N let alone join the club.But thats a discussion for another day.

    It’s all pure crap anyway islam had it’s fifteen minutes of fame and now it should be shoveled up and disposed of like all crap.

  3. Add a new form of child abuse to all the other great “inventions” of islam.
    They have a right to commit this child abuse and we tolerate this in our western democracies, where this piece comes from.

    At the request of their local imam they will do what you say,DAH. I don’t doubt it for a minute.

  4. There’s no talking to these people. Islam is the practice of looking through a tube, there’s no wide view, no room for anything except Islam, the credo of evil.

    The problem is that all the abuses permitted and glorified in Islam are what Arabs practiced anyway for thousands of years before Pedophile Mohammad came along. What he did was say that God approved of all those horrors, and so took away the guilt for doing them. For Arabs, telling them that God wanted them to go torture, mutilate and kill people as long as they did it for Allah, was a newfound freedom. If you submit to Allah you can then kill people who don’t and God loves you for it. The Nazis used the same trick.

  5. Zawahiri’s statement comes right out of the mouth of a total loser. If after striving for the normal things in life you still feel “oppressed” and “humiliated” then you must be one of those losers who shoots up malls and post offices and schools.

    I do love the line about freeing the world from tyranny-so ironic. What is a caliphate but tyranny? If you’re an infidel, you might as well be dead under such a system. Even Muslims lose out under a caliphate-a rigid, inflexible way of life that dictates exactly how to do everything. Even Communism and Nazism provides more freedom to its followers. If an Islamic caliphate is not tyranny in the worst possible form then I don’t know what is.

  6. Good article. It makes sense to learn about guns instead of payouts for being splodeydope suicide bombers. Glad I saw this.

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