UK: One Jihad Cleric Deported to Jamaica, Three Absconded

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Abdullah El-Faisal, the Jamaican Islamic cleric who influenced one of the 7/7 London bombers, has been deported back to Jamaica.

* After 7/7 the British PM Tony Blair promised to deport 500 clerics. It never happened. His wife, Cherie Blair, a so-called ‘human rights lawyer’- must have reminded him of his future prospects as an ‘adviser’ for rich Arabs who just so happen to be Islamic.

El-Faisal arrived in the UK in 1992 and married a British biology graduate, establishing himself as a lay preacher at Brixton Mosque, often preaching to crowds of up to 500 people.


On his way home: Abdullah El-Faisal

His preaching came to the attentions of police when tapes of his sermons were found in the car of a suspected rapist in Dorset in late 2001.

During subsequent searches of specialist Islamic bookshops and El-Faisal’s rented house in Stratford, East London, police found other recordings in which he exhorted young Muslims to accept the deaths of women and children as “collateral damage” and to “learn to fly planes, drive tanks… load your guns and to use missiles”.

He told young British Muslims it was their duty to kill non-believers, Jews, Hindus and Westerners, urging them to adopt a “jihad mentality”. He also promised schoolboys that they would be rewarded with “72 virgins in paradise” if they died in a holy war.

The jury watched a video of El-Faisal after the Sept 11 attacks telling up to 150 young Muslims that the Koran justified attacking “kaffirs”, or unbelievers.


“He argued his talks came from the Koran and if he was on trial so was the holy text”

He said it.

That is, Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal, just deported from the UK, said it. But no one will dare to examine the implications of his statement.

“Profile: Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal,” from the BBC

Muslim cleric Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal, who has been deported from the UK to Jamaica, was jailed in 2003 for soliciting the murder of Jews and Hindus.
Al-Faisal spent years travelling the UK preaching racial hatred urging his audience to kill Jews, Hindus and Westerners.

The imam called on impressionable teenage boys to learn how to use rifles, fly planes and use missiles to kill “all unbelievers”.

In return for becoming martyrs, he promised them the reward of a place in paradise.

He did this in accord with Qur’an 9:111, which promises Paradise to those who “kill and are killed” for Allah.

One of the 7 July London suicide bombers, Germaine Lindsay, was heavily influenced by him, according to the Home Secretary John Reid….
In his tape Jihad, the father-of-four told Muslim women to raise their children “with the jihad mentality” by giving them toy guns.

In the tape recorded after 11 September, he said: “The way forward is the bullet. Our motto is ‘might is right'”.

In another tape – Rules of Jihad – thought to have been recorded before 11 September, he said Jihad had been declared against India.

“You are only allowed to use nuclear weapons in that country which is 100% unbelievers,” he said.

But throughout the trial he denied he had intended to incite people to violence.

Instead he argued his talks came from the Koran and if he was on trial so was the holy text.


More UK News:

Absconded jihadists want to kill British and American troops

More on this story. “Terror Suspects Want to ‘Wage Jihad,'” by Julia White for the Daily Express, with thanks to JW

THREE men on the run after breaching anti-terrorism control orders wanted to wage jihad against the West.
Lord Carlile, the independent reviewer of anti-terrorism laws, said there is “solid intelligence” that the trio were a danger to British troops stationed abroad.

He said: “These three men were the subject of solid intelligence that they intended to damage our national security by going as insurgents to kill British and other allied troops abroad.”

It emerged earlier today that the suspects, who were held under “control orders”, had absconded this week.

Scotland Yard named Lamine Adam, 26, his brother Ibrahim, 20, and Cerie Bullivant, 24, last night after they failed to report to police.

Police said the men, two of whom are brothers of a man jailed last month for plotting al Qaeda-inspired bomb attacks across Britain, had violated anti-terrorism “control orders” and failed to check in with authorities last week.

The announcement, following the disappearances of at least two other suspects last year, means that more than a quarter of those subject to the controversial orders — imposed on suspects who are not charged with a crime — are now missing.

Under control orders suspects are frequently confined to their homes for much of the day, required to wear electronic tags, obliged to check in with police, forbidden to use computers or telephones and banned from meeting people without permission….

Shadow home secretary David Davis said the news was “shocking” and said that Home Secretary John Reid had failed in his duty to protect the public.

He said: “People are placed on control orders on the basis they are terror suspects who pose a serious risk to the public.”

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Nick Clegg called for a “wholesale review” of the Government’s strategy.

“This is yet another hammer blow for the increasingly discredited system of control orders,” he said.


And what happened to Abu Izzadeen?

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  1. Exile is the only answer for this sort of problem. Jailing them doesn’t work. Deporting them doesn’t work. Exile to a remote island would work nicely-no tax money would be needed (except to have the navy guard it), no way to escape and no way to spread their BS via tapes or internet. Also, they won’t get a shot at converting anyone (except to their own particular brand of Islam). I’m sure there are islands out there just right for this purpose.

  2. Blair has about a month to fullfil his pledge to remove the rest of the 499 rabid Islamic clerics from the UK. If he works hard he can do it.

  3. Devil’s Island : I hear it’s good at this time of the year.
    Or else somewhere surrounded by shark-infested water. Shame there are no islands infested with wild boars, that I know of.

  4. “He argued his talks came from the Koran and if he was on trial so was the holy text”

    At last! A Muslim, Abdullah El-Faisal, finally telling the truth. Actually condemning the Koran, admitting that the Koran’s ‘holy text’ is evil, by blaming the Koran for his preaching of evil to young Muslims.

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