Al Qaeda Quack Calls For Muslims to Unite in Jihad

 Update: UK’s latest scandal:

NHS doctors accused of bomb plots, Al Qaeda fanatics working for the police, and now the Terrorist traffic warden 

A terrorist jailed for his involvement in a bomb attack on the Paris Metro – which killed eight people and wounded 80 – has been working as a traffic warden in England.

Mustapha Boutarfa, 32, was arrested by Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorist squad in 1996 and extradited from Britain to France two years later.

He stood trial for his auxiliary role in the 1995 attack on the St Michel station by a notorious Islamic militant group and was given a two-year prison sentence.

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Nothing new on that front. The only thing that is new is that the West has consistantly ignored the call for jihad ever since the first WTC bombing in 1993.

Will it change GWB’s perception that Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace?’ Hardly.

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London car bombs are linked with Iraq’s Al-Qaeda

Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command SO15 is understood to have uncovered evidence that in the months leading up to the attacks one or more of the suspects communicated by telephone or e-mail with terrorist leaders in Iraq.

The development has fuelled a theory that the failed attacks in London and Glasgow were designed as a farewell to Tony Blair to punish him for his role in Iraq. Details of the Al-Qaeda role in the three failed car bombings are expected to emerge over the next few days.

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* Comment:

Al Qaeda, Al Schmaeda…

May Allah bless the mujaheddin with more names than bullets…

Whatever they call themselves, is irrelevant. AQ is one group of many, a group like a thousand others that share the same goals, that live by the same rules and read the same book: The Koran.

Hamas or Fatah, the ‘Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades’-, Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, Jemah Islamiyah in Indonesia, Taliban in Afghanistan and so-called Janjaweed in Darfur; To us infidels or ‘kuffars’ it should be irrelevant what these fanatics call themselves: All belong to a totalitarian belief-system called Islam, all are soldiers for Allah, all are willing to kill and die to make Islam dominate, to make the world Islamic, and to either kill or forcibly convert us infidels, unless we submit to live as slaves under Islamic rule and pay the Jiziyah ‘with willing submission’…

All are united under the black flag of Islam and use terror, illegal immigration, intimidation, blackmail, kidnappings, all kinds of fraud, deceit and genocide to make the world Islamic.Their ultimate goal is to bring about the caliphate, which is nothing other than world domination under the sharia.

The nutroots are irritated because the terrorists were doctors this time. What’s the big deal? The Muhammedans have already hundreds of lawyers furthering Islam in the West, so why not doctors or any other highly skilled persons?

They are soldiers for Allah and they follow their ideology, nothing else. Especially not the hypocritc oath…

Didn’t the Nazi’s have doctors, lawyers, judges, military people, and each and every profession known to man in their ranks?