Don’t let Yusuf (Islam) ruin your day

Here’s the antidote to the wankers from live aid:

Live Aid is promoting green to save the planet – what planet are they on?

Link to Pamela from Atlas Shrugs

No doubt to rapturous applause, Madonna will call for mass global change to reduce carbon emissions and to tackle ‘climate crisis’.

It’s the jihad stupid. Apparently they are inextricably tied.

BTW, Does anyone use more energy that Mad onna?

For her 2006 World Tour, she flew by private jet, transporting a team of up to 100 technicians and dancers around the globe. Waiting in the garage at home, she has a Mercedes Maybach, two Range Rovers, an Audi A8 and a Mini Cooper S.


Read the whole pathetic joke here.

Indeed, Madonna’s carbon footprint is dwarfed only by her ego – she has vowed that she will ‘speak to the planet’ at Wembley. In fact, an apology might be in order – for the superstar’s energy consumption is only the tip of the iceberg in this epic vanity-fest.

The Live Earth event is, in the words of one commentator: “a massive, hypocritical fraud.”

And here’s another massive hypocritical fraud:

No. We won’t link to Yusuf Islam’s pathetic performance here. Instead we will post a picture of the Spanish ‘peace train’ victims:


The Guardian has become a useful tool for Muhammedan propaganda:


Ajmal Masroor donates a fresh, steaming pile of taqiyya:

* Excerpt: Tony Blair’s government enforced draconian laws, supposedly to protect us from terrorist attacks. In practice, however, these policies have left us more vulnerable, the potential for attacks has increased and more people around the world seem to hate us than ever before. We were fooled into accepting that giving up our civil liberties and freedom would be a worthwhile price to pay for safety and security. Thanks to Mr Blair’s misguided policies we are now living under the most unsafe conditions, both here and abroad.

Read it all…

* Masroor tells us that fighting crime creates more crime. Masroor tells us that fighting Islamofascism will create more terrorists… 

* There is a method in the madness. It works on socialists like Gordon Brownnose who rely on the Muhammedan vote… 

11 thoughts on “Don’t let Yusuf (Islam) ruin your day”

  1. Where do these people get off making a religion out of supposed global warming.
    Do you think it is to stop as many people as possible thinking about their(the organizers) own corruption and immorality and to also stop these same gullible people from thinking too hard about the REAL and immediate danger to our world……….ISLAM.
    Many westerners, the ones with obscene amounts of money, are working hand in glove with middle eastern companies.
    These people are as evil and devoid of conscience as the jihadists they pretend to loathe.
    Where can I sign up to start getting some commonsense and decency back into this world and to rid it of the jihadists,their supporters and their apologists and the just plain idiots who won’t see the islamic ideology until they and the rest of us are in burkhas or beating our heads on the ground 5 times a day to a totally worthless fiction call allah and his paedophile friend.

    We need another concert called ‘Shake the World’ to get some bl**dy sense into so many people.

  2. Marilyn LeBez

    This global warming/climate change and islam has polarized the globe into left versus right to a greater level than before.

    (If you are in OZ channel 2 is showing “The Great Global Warming ,,” myth, deception,,,drats, forget the title,sorry, on Thursday.

    I say follow the money trail.
    Until such time as people like Bono give away $10milion from their own VERY deep pockets I have no time for them. They just want to make us feel guilty, give up heat and aircon, travel etc etc while they traipse around the world in their private jets. Gimme a break!

  3. Bono, Geldof, Madonna, Angelina Jolie and all those wankers are beneath contempt.
    Self-indulgent, holier-than thou, sanctimonious twits.

    Nobody should give them the time of day…

  4. Sheik

    Just like to point out a little typo in your comment above.

    ‘twits’ comes with an ‘a’ rather than ‘i’ in this particular case.

  5. Islam is not the only “bad actor” when it comes to religion. Koran denies the sonship and deity of Jesus Christ, and claims that “Allah” is neither begotten, nor begets.

    Kabbalah (Madonna and co) goes a step further and denies the omnipotence of God, reducing him to a limited god, subordinate to a higher, limitless and unknowable god, the En-Sof. The universe is not the result of creation ex nihilo, but through a complex operation of the emanated attributes of the En-Sof, the Sefiroth. (Kabbalah – Charles Ponce’ – Introduction)

    From Madonna’s personal blog:

    The Kabbalistic system explains that our actions and inactions affect everything. If we are to become masters of our destiny and reverse the negative effects of global warming and other forms of decay, we must accept that an effort is required on our part. I understand the significance of Live Earth and support its goals.
    ( )

    Incidentally, she says: “I know people think I’m flawless, but I am just like everyone else. I fart! I poop! Heck I even have bad hair days …”

    Maybe we’d do better with Al Gore and the “Earth Goddess” Gaia.
    Hmmm… perhaps not!

    U.S. taxpayers are being forced to subsidize a new form of state religion which holds that natural resources have to be protected for the sake of Gaia, a so-called Earth spirit. ( )

    I do have Gore’s book, “Earth in the Balance”, but it isn’t the most gripping read. Good for insomnia.

  6. Thanks for putting up the link on Guardian Comment is Free. Some of the comments below the main article are very disappointing. There is a real need for education still by sites like this one.

  7. (I remembered,,the word “Swindle”.)

    Sheik, I think Geldof is the only one with a bit of credibility, but that is also wearing a bit thin. He has a lot less money.

    The rest of them,,yes I agree. They have made religion a fad, adopting babies a fad and they really think people should respect them and think they are just wonderful for doing it.

    The cult of celebrity is a sign of western decadence, sadly. It seems worse than dare I say idol worship?

    And thanks for putting up Bob Dylan: a legend in our lifetime!
    I don’t “worship” him, but he is really something!

  8. Old Atlantic
    just had a look at some of the comments. Very disappointing.

    Someone just sent me this:

    It is rather long but it tries to explain the mindset of the 7/7 bomber. Yes it mentions disaffected Pakistanis and how they become radicalized into a terrorist group as a result of belonging nowhere. The group becomes their “family”.

    That’s all very well, but it doesn’t explain terrorism in all the other countries that is not committed by Pakistanis.

    This lack of wanting to assimilate doesn’t help.

    And of course the bottom line is always wahabbi islam, and the spread of it by the sowdis.

  9. Regardless of the state of ignorance about Islam – keep pointing out that it is not Wahhabism or whatever. The problem this world has, is ISLAM.

    And the best way to solve the problem, is to remove Muslims from the West.

    Thankfully though, a lot more people are beginning to realise this, public figures such as Cal Thomas, and are saying openly that Muslim immigration has to stopped.

  10. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title t let Yusuf (Islam) ruin your day by Sheik yer’mami. Thanks for informative article

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