Another Jihad Doctor Nabbed in Brisbane

He’s a doctor, of course. Aussie doctor held over terror plot.

A MAN arrested at Brisbane’s international airport overnight over the UK terror plots was a registrar at the Gold Coast Hospital in Southport.

Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said the 27-year-old man was arrested at Brisbane International airport yesterday. He did not have a return ticket.

The man, who Queensland Premier Peter Beattie said was not Australian-born, was arrested at the airport at 11pm (AEST) by a counter-terrorism team comprising Queensland police and Australian Federal Police officers after advice from UK authorities.

Mr Beattie said he understood the man had been attempting to leave Australia.

Brisbane Airport has confirmed that only one flight was delayed last night, a flight to Kuala Lumpur.


Ram raid … the car used in the attempted firebombing of a Glasgow airport / Reuters

* A ‘man’ he is. Not a word about Muslim or Islam. Why is that? Was he a Buddhist?

‘Terror ringleader’ is brilliant NHS doctor


• Controlled explosion carried out at Royal Alexandra Hospital

• Three more men arrested over Airport attack bringing total currently under arrest to seven

• Police search second house in Newcastle-under-Lyme

• Kurdish terror group is linked to London attacks

An Iraqi junior doctor and a brilliant neurologist working for the NHS are among the suspects being quizzed over the series of bomb attacks across Britain, it emerged today.

The news came as it emerged that an eighth person has been arrested in the terror enquiry.

Details of the suspects were revealed as police staged a controlled explosion at a hospital near Glasgow today.

The junior doctor has been named as Bilal Abdulla, who is said to have completed his medical training in Baghdad.

The suspected ringleader of the Al Qaeda car bombers is a brilliant neurologist working for the NHS.

Saudi Mohammed Asha, 26, was arrested with his 27-year-old wife, who was in traditional Muslim dress, on the M6 in Cheshire on Saturday night.


Mama doing the ‘He-would-never-do-a-thing-like -that’- routine…

The mother of terror suspect Mohammed Asha holds a picture of her son in Jordan.

Picture: AP

Link to Daily Mail

‘Asian Men’ Impostors posing as hospital inspectors

From the politically correct MSNBC

“…a bearded man in his 30s or 40s of either South Asian or Middle Eastern origin was confronted at a Boston hospital. He, too, departed when questioned…”

WASHINGTON – Federal authorities are looking into three closely bunched incidents in which people posing as inspectors were caught nosing around hospitals in Boston, Detroit and Los Angeles.

No arrests have been made and there is no evidence to suggest the cases are linked or there is a tie to terror groups, federal officials said.

“We do not possess any specific intelligence that there is a terrorism nexus to these reports,” Homeland Security spokeswoman Kathleen Montgomery said Friday.

Hmmm? Mark Steyn:

6 thoughts on “Another Jihad Doctor Nabbed in Brisbane”

  1. Good, Keelty got something right!
    I am looking forward to hearing more, but I doubt we will get the whole story on this obvious “buddhist”.
    (No offence to Buddhists! Hope you get my sarcasm).

  2. The north of England, I have heard, is 15% Pakistani. I thought we had problems here.

  3. Two doctors in OZ, more in the UK. How many in total now?

    If you can’t trust a doctor, then what?

  4. It’s not a case of not trusting a doctor, it’s a case of not trusting a muslim.
    This is what muslims themselves have brought upon themselves by ….
    a) being exceedingly willing to carry out murder in the name of their fictitious god and paedophile supposed prophet.
    b) by blaming everybody but islamists when evil is carried out in the the name of aforesaid fictitious beings.
    c) by not loudly condemning the muslims who are carrying out acts of terrorism daily around the world, in fact going so far as to whine about islamophobia each time a muslim is arrested for such deeds.

    We need mass deportations and the ability to easily remove the resident status or citizenship of any person with even a hint of nastiness about them, be they muslim or not.

  5. Marilyn LeBez Says:

    July 3rd, 2007 at 8:06 am
    It’s not a case of not trusting a doctor, it’s a case of not trusting a muslim.

    Yes! That is well-put.

    On another ‘blog an Aussie girl had a hijab-ed doctor in a public hospital and came of worse. I have to say I didn’t know it was as bad as that here.

  6. Savitch

    In 2001 the London borough of Tower Hamlets was 36% muzbot. Newham was 25%muzbot. Slough is now a British-minority town, as is Leicester.

    That was six years ago – we’ve had about a million of the twats coming in since then – and that’s only the official ones. There are also about 600K illegals, most of who are reckoned to be muzbots.

    Ohhhhh … haven’t finished yet. You Ozzies seem mostly to be getting the nice decent muzbots like the softy Lebs. We’re getting the hard stuff: Somalis and Pakis.

    Do you want to swap Prime Ministers? … please?

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