Australia: Islamic Terror Supporters Play The Race-Card, Again!

The wincing whiners from the Islamic trifecta—denial, whining, and veiled threats and their enablers, are at it again:

Its all about ‘racism’- of course!

Muslims feel the hands of racism tighten around them

There is a sucker born every minute, and they all seem to sign up for the MSM drive-by journo-education: Brigid Delaney and Cynthia Banham from the Sydney Morning Herald fast food news service dig into a steaming pile of taqiyya and soil themselves with it:


Wear and tear … Iman Eid feels uncomfortable when she wears her hijab when manning the tills at her part-time job. Photo: Steven Siewert


* Imagine: She feels ‘uncomfortable-‘ and the twits from the SMH don’t bother to interview the victims of the Bali bombings, they prefer whiners from Islamistan who whine about ‘racism’ – Now are you self-hating scum or what?

Talk to 21-year-old Iman Eid and you realise that racism, like a grass fire, flares in certain climates.

September 11, the Bali bombing, the Tampa affair and the gang rapes in Sydney all signalled an increase in racial vilification, Ms Eid and her friends believe. “There was definitely more racism around after these events,” she said.

* Really? How come there was no ‘backlash?’

Her decision to wear a hijab 10 months ago was another trigger. She has experienced nothing as overt as the university friend who had her scarf ripped off soon after the Bali bombings, but she says the scarf has given people licence to question her about her religious and political views.

* Hmm. What makes you think ‘triggered’ her wearing a hijab? The turds from the SMH don’t even bother to ask…

She feels more comfortable wearing the scarf in some places than in others. At her job at a supermarket, she feels the weight of shoppers’ gazes resting more heavily on her than other workers, but at the University of NSW, where she is studying a Bachelor of Arts, she “feels more respect”.


* ‘Respect’ for wearing a misogynistic symbol? Thanks, but NO thanks…

Ms Eid’s experiences are similar to the two-thirds of Muslim and Arab Australians who say they have experienced racism or racial vilification since the September 11 attacks, according to a report launched by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission yesterday.

* Are Brigid Delaney and Cynthia Banham from the SMH ready to submit to Islam yet in their befuddled PC-delusions?

Women were more likely to suffer racism, with 90 per cent of female respondents experiencing racial abuse or violence since September 11.

More than half who had experienced racism in public said it was inspired by the wearing of their hijab, while 43 per cent experienced racism in shopping malls and the same number experienced racism on public transport or while driving.

* Fine. Last time I checked Australia was not an Islamic country under sharia. Why rub an alien cult in our faces that wants us dead or converted?
The report, surveying the experiences of 1400 Arab and Muslim Australians, urges the Federal Government to strengthen anti-discrimination laws, but a spokeswoman for the Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock, said no such changes would be made. She said the Government believed education was the key to beating racism.

* Heaven forbid any more protection for those who wish us harm! ‘Protection’ for those who came to pervert this country to the cult of Islam. We may as well offer drug-dealers protection from the police…

It is US, the natives who need protection from this madness and moonbats like Brigid Delaney and Cynthia Banham who buy into this creeping Islamization…


* Wrap a towel round your head and you turn into another ‘race’- its magic!


So which ‘race’ are we today, baby? Male, female or just ghostly?

A poster from LGF doesn’t hold back:

Those of us who had the audacity to question the folly of allowing Islamic radicalism to foment in this country in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ were smeared as ‘racists’.
Left-wing assholes are the same the world over. Assholes.

Gordon Brown: Don’t Say Terrorists Are Muslims


If you were hoping that British elites might be shocked into a state of awareness by the Islamic terror attacks, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Because new prime minister Gordon Brown thinks the best way to approach the subject is to crack down on free speech and refuse to acknowledge reality: Brown: Don’t say terrorists are Muslims.

Gordon Brown has banned ministers from using the word “Muslim” in connection with the terrorism crisis.

The Prime Minister has also instructed his team – including new Home Secretary Jacqui Smith – that the phrase “war on terror” is to be dropped.

The shake-up is part of a fresh attempt to improve community relations and avoid offending Muslims, adopting a more “consensual” tone than existed under Tony Blair. …

* Sounds more like lunatics running the asylum…

Can you see Winston Churchill passing the same rules in 1939. “Do not call Nazi’s Germans. Not all Germans are Nazi’s, but all Nazi’s were Germans. But I repeat AGAIN do not call Nazi’s Germans.”

Yeah, right. Churchill. Even Thatcher would kick Browns ass up one side and down the other.

We will see more of this in the future. When there is a problem the government will change the names, change the rules, and redefine the laws to make the problem go away. But it won’t go away.

Mr Brown’s spokesman acknowledged yesterday that ministers had been given specific guidelines to avoid inflammatory language. “There is clearly a need to strike a consensual tone in relation to all communities across the UK,” the spokesman said. “It is important that the country remains united.”

* Dhimmitude. Scared into submission…

He confirmed that the phrase “war on terror” – strongly associated with Mr Blair and US President George Bush – has been dropped.

* Lipstick on a pig doesn’t change the nature of the beast..

Officials insist that no direct links with Muslim extremists have been publicly confirmed by police investigating the latest attempted terror attacks. Mr Brown himself did not refer to Muslims or Islam once in a BBC TV interview on Sunday.

* And nobody calls Gordon Brown a despicable coward?

Ms Smith also avoided any such reference in her statement to MPs yesterday.

She said: “Let us be clear – terrorists are criminals, whose victims come from all walks of life, communities and religions. Terrorists attack the values shared by all law-abiding citizens. As a Government, as communities, as individuals, we need to ensure that the message of the terrorists is rejected.”

* Not clear at all: You are aiding and abetting and obfuscating the issues. Perhaps not every Muslim is a terrorist, but just about every terrorist today is motivated by Islam in the name of Jihad.

Tory backbencher Philip Davies said: “I don’t know what purpose is served by this. I don’t think we need pussyfoot around when talking about terrorism.”

But former Tory homeland security spokesman Patrick Mercer said: “This is quite a smart idea. We know that the vast majority of Muslims are not involved in terrorism and we have to accept there are sensitivities about these matters.”

* But terror is only a strategy. Its the demographics, stupid!


Beyond Parody:

In Glasgow, police carried out controlled explosions on a car outside a mosque in the city at about 5am today. The car, which has now been removed for forensic analysis, was linked to the Glasgow airport attack.

Officers had waited for prayers at the mosque, which is not linked to the inquiry, to finish before looking at the car. The bomb squad was called in as a precaution and police had no information that a device was inside.

Police suspect that the leader of the terror cell is one of the five doctors held in the UK who were working or training for the NHS, Mohammed Asha, a 26-year-old neurosurgeon who lives in Staffordshire. Dr Asha and his 27-year-old wife were arrested on Saturday driving on the M6 near Sandbach in Cheshire.

11 thoughts on “Australia: Islamic Terror Supporters Play The Race-Card, Again!”

  1. Muslim women will obviously notice more racism as they are the easiest to spot. Yet again the muslim males get the better deal as they always do. Their women cop it at almost every level. They get to do the raping.

    Surely muslims can understand why many people are wary..maybe not?

    What’s the bet this was done through a media publicist?

    I think representatives for the muslim community take turns with these media releases.

    Where’s Trad? This Glasgow car-bomb was surely committed “out of context”. Maybe we will hear from him tomorrow or does he still have a ‘blog at one of the Sydney papers? (Too nauseating to read, IMHO).

  2. I sent this to the SMH but as usual it will be ignored:
    If a Nazi party member, who just happened to be a moderate and a decent person wore a badge showing the swastika you would expect them to receive some flak whether they as individuals, deserved it or not. Islam is a pernicious ideology hiding as a religion and criticism of it has NOTHING to do with racism escept that the Koran condones it(do read it and find out ). If her religious compatriots contine to kill and maim innocents maybe she should consider not wearing her swastika in public.
    Why don’t you ask some maimed bali victims how they feel about being persecuted, and for real?

  3. I can’t feel too much sympathy for those who choose to visually self-identify themselves with a group that is largely responsible for a great number of murders.

    I might feel differently if there were large numbers of muslims criticizing the radicals and helping in the hunt to eliminate them, but…. I hear…. nothing.

    If a large number of thieves dress in ghetto-style ‘gangster’ attire and someone who is not a thief chooses to deliberately dress in that style, it seems obvious that the person who does so can reasonably expect to be thought suspicious.

    It is simply counterintuitive to claim that “One good apple will fix the bad ones” and expect to have people accept that.

  4. You wish to be associated with the cult that commits all the terrorism in the world, by dressing in a particular way, don’t bleat and whine about it if you catch a bit of flack.

  5. They say they’re experiencing “racism”. They are actually experiencing “shunning”. (Wikipedia: Shunning is the act of deliberately avoiding association with, and habitually keeping away from an individual or group.)

    If they choose to associate themselves with a group that loudly (and often violently) demonstrates its disregard for our society and our persons, why-the-hell should they be upset that we eye them with suspicion? Good God, in Britain this last round involves medical doctors! Hypocritic Oath, I guess. So, why should we trust any females, anybody at all, that looks to be associated with this “religion of goons and thugs”?

    My personal opinion is that, whenever such a plot –car bombing, sabotage, attempted mass killings– is discovered, the mosques of the plotters should be dismantled. Gone forever. And the imam should be deported back to his home country. Knowing this punishment would be visited upon them might give the Islamic congregations some motivation to discourage the violent tendencies of their “tiny minority of extremists” who somehow (no matter where in the world they may be) all “misunderstand” the teachings of this Religion of Peace in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. Unless we force Islam-as-a-whole to take responsibility for the violent acts of its most devout followers, this schism in Muslim mentality will continue: “It’s not me, not us, not our religion, not our imams; it’s THEM! We don’t know them, we can’t control them, and we can’t criticize them because they are our fellow Muslims and they are following the practices and principles of our Prophet Mohammed, the Perfect Man, the one we all should emulate.”

    There has to be a cost associated with the violence. There has to be some penalty serious enough to motivate Muslims to examine, confront, and renounce the violent doctrines in their religion. Western Civilization can not keep absorbing millions of immigrants who believe their host nations should be destroyed and the Caliphate ruled by Sharia law should replace them. Equality under the law, representative democracy, art, science, music, freedom of religion — all the good that we’ve managed to create over these few centuries since the Renaissance, all would be lost.

  6. Michelle Owen,

    Funny you should bring up the Nazi thing. It reminds me of when I went to my community theatre for “The Sound Of Music”. I know most of the folks there, and I have to say–It gave me the creeps to see one of the sweetest men in the group dressed in a Nazi uniform, complete with swastika. The flag gave me chills, too.

    I feel the same way, when I see a woman swaddled up like it’s winter in Alaska, not summer in Florida. It’s like they’re wearing gang colors.

    These ladies look forbidding, even to me (a woman). Then, I read a post from some Muslimah, wanting to know : “Do you even know any Muslims?” Nope, and I’m not likely to, either.

  7. Years ago, before 9/11 a workmate of mine, a lady in her fifties went to water whenever these women came into the shop. She was terrified by the look of them. Maybe she sensed something?

    They are so out of place in the west. I hope we keep it that way.

    I believe they are confronting and deliberately separatist. I think one could almost call it a terrorist front on the most basic level.

  8. Abscedere,

    I did work with a muslim fellow, nice guy too. It was very difficult for him to live in both worlds (islam / west) however. He wouldn’t eat at a restaurant with us when he saw the food being prepared with alcohol. He married a girl from Lebanon (arranged) who he didn’t know beforehand, and then claimed it wasn’t ‘arranged’ because she wasn’t his parents ‘first choice’!!

    But I could see how he would be very easily ‘persuaded’ to follow his immam, as he didn’t have the ability (or was not allowed) to question things for himself. Yes, islam is a cult, pure and simple.

  9. I have to sypamthise with these poor poor Muslims, who have to put up with continuous staring by Infidels in the US, UK, Australia and other places. It must be really terrible to feel the hostility pouring out on to them.

    OTH, we too feel pretty awful, having to put up with bombs that kill and maim, of having to look at walking black bags on our streets, or be picked on by “no profiling” security staff at airports.

    I think under these circumstances, when Muslims and non-Muslims are feeling so much pain and mental anguuish, it is best if Muslims leave for a Muslim country of their choice. Everyone will then be happy and we can send Eid or Christmas cards to each other every year.

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