Fitzgerald: Nonsense and lies, and those who fall for them

* Hugh Fitzgerald rips the suckers who fail to protect us and exposes the lies of the Islamofascist fifth column:

This statement issued by some Muslim groups, in order to protect Islam from scrutiny and to prolong the unwariness of Infidels, is a farrago of nonsense and lies.

My favorite is this:

“The unity of our society must be maintained and we must not allow divisions to emerge between us. We must remain friends, neighbours and colleagues, and take Britain forward as one nation – towards a Greater Britain.”

“Unity of our society”? We “must remain friends”?


Well, the authors of this document must then publicly take issue with what Islam tells them to believe, how it tells them to regard Infidels, and how they are told not even to recognize by a greeting the religious holidays — the worthless holidays — of Infidels, unless of course such a greeting, not heartfelt but feigned, is offered in order to further the interests of Islam and its image.

They must further explain all the passages in the Qur’an, all the stories in the Hadith, and all the details in Muhammad’s life that uncompromisingly divide the world between Believer and Infidel, and require a permanent state of war — though not necessarily of active warfare — between them. This doctrine lies at the heart of Islam, a belief-system cobbled together from pre-Islamic Arab pagan lore, stories and figures appropriated (and distorted) from Judaism and Christianity, and all put together as a belief-system useful for justifying, and promoting, conquest of peoples (at first Christians, Jews, and then Zoroastrians in Sassanian Persia) far more advanced, settled, and wealthy than the primitive Arabs who conquered them.

Let’s just start with a simple passage, utterly unambiguous, and see how those who wrote the document above would care to explain it, or harmonize the sly blague they have offered us with this from the Qur’an, the immutable Word of God:

5:51 “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

And yet instead of challenging them on this, the British authorities are delighted.

There’s more:

“British Muslims, who number 1.6 million, are reportedly funding advertising campaigns across Britain that proclaim Islam is “the religion of peace” — in the process also implicitly warning fellow Britons against criticizing their faith.”

……….according to recent polls taken in UK in the Muslim communities, the PRO JIHAD endearment is quite strong….their implicit warnings are the same as the warnings given to many Muslims murder victims just before they are slain….

Read it all…

A lonely ‘massive’ Rally in Glasgow brings out some useful idiots:


Useful Idiots for the Jihad


‘United against terrorism’

Ray Gunnion, 61, is the central region secretary for Solidarity.

* Another union prop with a socialist agenda

He said: “This is an important opportunity for everybody who feels that what happened last week, and what’s happening this week with a handful of racist incidents against ordinary Muslims, must be counteracted.”

* Ray Gunnion didn’t say which ‘race’ of ‘ordinary’ Muslims are he was referring to…

Anne Mullen: a face of clueless delusion:


‘More tolerance’

Click here for Sheik Yer’mami’s song ‘Tolerance’

Anne Mullen, 72, travelled to Glasgow from East Kilbride to attend the event.

“I’m here to show solidarity and support with the Muslim community,” she said.

“No matter what these men done last week, we must show more tolerance to them than they do to us.”


* Comment: The scary thing about this rally is how scripted it is and that it uses the same Orwellian slogans as the new Gordon Brown government; terrorism has no religion, united communities against terrorism, rejecting “blaming the Asian community”, etc.

This is about defending islam and blaming Bush, America, Jews and islamophobes for the war. It’s the mainstreaming of the leftist-jihadist convergence and I’m afraid it will prove very effective

6 thoughts on “Fitzgerald: Nonsense and lies, and those who fall for them”

  1. “No matter what these men done last week, we must show more tolerance to them than they do to us.” –Anne Mullen

    Its feebleminded old biddys like Anne Mullen who would gasp in GENUINE horror if these muslim fanatics kiddnapped her and raped her (so she cant get into muslim paradise) before cutting off her head and waving it in front of the camera shouting ‘allah ackbar’.

    Now…have I said anything ‘intolerant’ or ‘racist’.?…hardly ESPECIALLY since muslim terrorists DO JUST THOSE THINGS TO PEOPLE REGULARLY!!

    As a son of allied soldiers (both my grandfathers were in the hellenic greek army in WWII and killed Nazis all day long–when one of them ran out of bullets he used his rifle like a bat and smashed the skulls of three of them before a group of kiwis came in and helped him out)

    I can tell you Id rip these islamic ‘doctors’ into shreds with a rusty butter knife if I had half a chance. And Id sing “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN” afterwards –am I a better brit than you –you old cow??? You disgrace all your Christian European ancestors with your godless cowering to the muslim hordes. You dishonor your European heritige. I want the Engish to say “GO TO HELL ISLAM! GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR LAND OUR WILL KILL YOU ALL” just like they said it to the Nazi scum in WWII.

    Yes I am angry I am bloody boiling at the fact that the country the great Winston Churchill came from is putting up with these throwbacks from yesteryear and that the Queen herself has a muslim chapel in Buckingham Palace for these godless anti-christian turds.


  2. The Allies Shall Win.
    Your last paragraph has devastated me. I am shocked to learn that the Queen has a Muslim chapel in Buckingham Palace. What the hell for???? She is a Christian and Defender of the Faith. Unlike her weasel son who admires and promotes Islam and aims to be the Defender of the Faiths – plural.

    Who worships in the Buckingham Palace mosque? Are there Muslims in the Palace, besides Prince Ali-Charles? Have they, Muslims, infested Buckingham Palace? The situation in UK is more dire than I realized.

  3. Yes, as you know there is a huge staff of workers at the palace and a growing minority of them are msulims. The Queen also gave them a chapel at the Windsor Chapel. Here is the short BBC article that mentions both muslim prayer chapels:

    BBC article muslim prayer chapels:

    The wikipedia article also mentions the windsor muslim prayer room for ‘Windsor Castle’ but fails to mention the buckingham palace one under its entry. The bbc article above mentions both.

    windsor wikipedia

    Notice in both items above the rooms are specifically reserved as MUSLIM prayer rooms they are not nondenominational chapels like Ive seen at many hospitals for example, where its a bare room with a pulpit and then the particular faith group using it brings in symbols for their faith for that days use (ie christian chaplin brings in a cross, bibles etc ) and then takes them out again. Nope these places in Buckingham palace and the windsor castle are ONLY for muslims, given to them under the guise of equality. But notice its only for use by them!!!! So some faiths are ‘equal’ but other faiths are more ‘equal’ then others. Orwell is rolling in his grave. Subtext and reading between the lines is everything.

    RED ROSE as you might know its haram for a muslim mosque to be used by OTHER faiths EVER, its part of shairia law. THATS why those places are ‘muslim’ prayer rooms not nondenominational chapels where groups alternate their use of them.

    England is truly the canary in the coal mine and in the next couple of decades we will see if it lives or dies. As for me I want it not only to live but for me to live to see the day the Brits kick these muslim flea bags off of their island and for the rest of Europe to kick them out of their lands. I believe if you scratch under the surface our liberal European friends (whether they be brits or French, Italians or Greeks, Gemran or Danish, Dutch or Portuguese etc) are hardcore conservatives and realists when push comes to shove and a mass exodus of muslim will be seen out of Europe one day before its too late. However it usually takes a long tragic war for something like that too happen.

  4. Ps in the article its showing they are taking over office space also so the poor dears dont have to walk all the way to the muslim chapel during lunch breaks. Its like starbucks they are multiplying everywhere!!

  5. “The Queen Elezabeth grants Muslim prayer room in Windsor palace,for the sake of Muslim enployees of the palace”. It is a very dangerous decision.As Chritians,we are taught to ‘turn the other cheek’ but,as Muslims, they want to ‘destroy the hands that feeds you;. In the end,which one will win-humility or vengence?

  6. somethin’ you folks have to understand re. the royal family and especially the queen.
    they have NO real power of any sort.

    The queen is NOT ALLOWED to go public with personal opinions, no matter what she thinks or feels. I can’t understand why anyone would want to be in that position. The family is wealthy in their own right, but they’re brought up in it and so I suppose to them it’s all quite natural.

    Imagine … the queen has less civil rights then her subjects. go figure.

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