Moammar Mashni: Muhammedan Agit-Prop & Enemy Agent

Moammar Mashni is a member of ‘Australians for Palestine’

Australia’s Herald Sun becomes, magically, almost over night, a tool for Muhammedan propaganda:

FEW topics seem to polarise people as much as the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

But the blame game is an exercise in futility. Until the facts are reported or exposed then, sadly, we are in for many more years of misery.

The Palestinians have endured 59 years of dispossession, occupation and colonisation. Israel, staunchly supported by the US and Australia, among other countries, has ignored more than 65 UN Security Council resolutions.

It has repeatedly breached the Fourth Geneva Convention in its responsibilities as an occupying power.

In 2004, the International Court of Justice ruled that Israel’s concrete mega-wall was contrary to international law and should be torn down.

But despite these violations, Israel continues to be staunchly supported while Palestinian rights are swept under the carpet.

Israel’s existence should not have priority over Palestine’s existence.

The futures of both peoples are inextricably linked, and working on a solution that would allow the Palestinians to realise their right to self-determination is the best chance Israelis and Palestinians have of living in peace.

Why is Israel, the occupier and oppressor, able to use illegal measures to repress the Palestinians without censure, yet any resistance by Palestinians is called terrorism?

* SAD. What the f*#k is wrong with the Herald Sun?

Yes, Moammar, it’s time to stop the blame game. Stop blaming Israel for the plight of the Palestinians. Stop blaming Israel for building the mega wall in an attempt to keep out suicide bombers. Stop blaming Israel for retaliating for all the rocket attacks and suicide bombing in Israel. Your continued blaming does nothing to help in resolving the conflict, but only serves to harden the resolve of those seeking the destruction of Israel. The whole conflict can be over in an instant if all Palestinians in particular, and all Muslims in general, accept the existence of the nation of Israel. It was not Israel that launched previous wars to annex more territories, but it was the surrounding Arab countries that launched them to destroy Israel and lost lands in the process, which Israel has returned after the signing of peace treaties with them. Now these countries are finally at peace with Israel. So why can’t Palestinians? Yes, it’s time to stop the blame game. But will those hell-bent on Israel’s destruction ever learn?

Just last week we had the Los Angeles Times Whoring For Hamas and now we have the Herald Sun whoring for the genocidal lunatics of Palistan.

Amazing. Truly amazing. Almost like 1938







8 thoughts on “Moammar Mashni: Muhammedan Agit-Prop & Enemy Agent”

  1. The palestinians just can’t get over the fact that they have been beaten time and time again by a superior foe. Rather than accept that they’ve created a status right out of thin air-that of permanently oppressed refugees. It’s bad enough that their brothers in the ummah accept this but most of the world does as well-THAT is why the palestinians remain so problematic. Had the world not conferred legitimacy on this unique status that the palestinians created this problem would have been solved long ago.

  2. It was a disgusting and untruthful article and I was also amazed it was published. It is not his first piece. It is all quite disturbing and unreadable.
    If anyone feels up to it, here is the email address which appeared with his other article. Thanks to poster Farmgategirl:)

    Their website is even worse. (I think it has the same name as the email addy)

    I can’ believe anyone hasn’t sued them under the racial vilification laws.

    He conveniently forgets to mention all the aid these people get, all the weapons, and the fact that no muslim country wants them, and also that Israel has withrawn.

  3. just so everyone in here knows, palestine’s struggle is not an islamic one, there are a good number of palestinian christians which have greatly declined since israel’s invasion in 1948, the struggle is basically the palestinians wanting equal rights, giving in to israel means being administered by them and not having a country of your own, some of the arabs (both muslim and christian) that live inside israeli territories are also oppressed, they are peaceful yet discriminated against due to their race, so enough of being like “oh muslims want to destroy israel and not live with the jews”, in the end its not a religious matter, its a matter of being an innocent victim of israel’s opression and propaganda. just rememeber the conflict also includes the christians too, which should not be forgotten. that is something that the media wont tell you.
    i personally think that SOME of the jews have the right to live there, the jews who’s ancestors lived there along side christians and muslims, not the askenazi jews who came from europe and have no bloodline of inhabitants in the region, arabs have never had problems with jews until the british and the ashkenazi zionists came in and invaded the land.
    one last thing to leave you guys to think about is that by saying the jews belong there but others dont is just stupid, because there are original inhabitants of that land of mixed religion, just because you changed your religion it doesnt mean you have to change your race and move countries, that would just be rediculous, if you think about it most of the arabs (christian and muslims) would have had a jewish or pagan ancestor who inhabited the land, there fore he has the same right as the jew that also has generations who lived in that land.

  4. * one last thing to leave you guys to think about is that by saying the jews belong there but others dont is just stupid …

    “In that day Yahweh made a covenant with Abram, saying, “To your seed I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates: …” (Genesis 15:18)

    Stupid in your eyes, perhaps, but still in effect. Not a lot you can do about it.

  5. yes fair enough, its known that Genesis mentions that, but i dont mean that the jews dont belong there, the original semite Jews do but not the converts who lived through out europe and have no semite blood in them… that doesnt mean that original inhabitants of other religions, or people who converted to christianity or islam are not allowed to live there anymore simply because they are not jewish, that would be unfair, most of the inhabitants there are semetic, whether you are jewish, christian or muslim, if your blood line comes from that region that is, then you are a son of abraham, and are a semite, a word that cannot be restricted only to jews, as portrayed in todays media…
    im also not saying that the jewish european immigrants cant live there, they can, religiously speaking.. although that doesnt give them the right to kick people who live there out, nor kill them nor opress them because they are not jewish!

  6. simple answer to your comment, we are all sons of abraham, whether a Jew, Christian, or a Muslim, so its should be our land 🙂

  7. Many of the muslims will end up buried at Hamongog (Hamona), and the rest of the world will get its chance at Megiddo, so maybe you are right 🙂

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