‘Islamophobia’ Downunder: A Perspective From the Far Side

* with thanks to Mullah Lodabullah:

* We have in our midst some of the most delusional, demented distortionists, spin-doctors, appeasers and suckers for anarcho-socialism and Islamic causes in the history of mankind. One of them, a doctor Gideon Polya, believes he should be the self-appointed spokesman for Muhammedan causes in Australia.

Doc Polya shamelessly waves the black flag of Islamofascism and tells us we got it all wrong. We are racist, xenophobic, rednecks and jihad is nothing but ‘inner struggle’-

In some cases a simple laxative does the trick, but unfortunately it doesn’t cure the mental flatulence of this good doctor.

‘Inner struggle’ also doesn’t work very well against the global jihad…


Australian racism & jihad-terror conflation

By Dr. Gideon Polya, MWC chief political editor

AUSTRALIA has just had another politician and Mainstream media feeding frenzy of salivation, Islamophobia and threat to the beleaguered Muslim community as a result of intemperate and abusive comments made by an Australian Muslim cleric Sheikh Feiz Muhammed, leader of the Global Islamic Youth Centre, Liverpool, Sydney (for a recent report ).

In short, Australia-born Sheikh Muhammed variously made comments on “jihad” (actually Islamic spiritual struggle but to racist, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, Islamophobic Western media and politicians a “red button” synonymous with “terrorism”). However his sermon also included words that could have IMPLIED “violent jihad” as opposed to “spiritual struggle” (and hence possibly violating Australia’s anti-terrorism laws with a possible sentence of 15 years in prison – the maximum punishment for intentionally recruiting (including inciting and encouraging) a person to participate in terrorism, according to a top human rights lawyer Lex Lasry QC).

Jihad literally means struggle in the way of God and is sometimes referred to as the sixth pillar of Islam. Thus jihad is a spiritual struggle against weakness and darkness. However jihad has the connotation of more active, collective struggle as in the Christian term “crusade” – thus Christians can have non-violent “crusades” against poverty, ignorance and injustice based on Words and certainly had a succession of violent Middle Ages “crusades” (Deeds) against Indigenous Muslims living in the Holy Land. Notoriously assisted by anti-Arab anti-Semitic and Islamophobic Western politicians, Racist Zionists and media, jihad has become synonymous in the West with “terrorism”.


A pro-peace, anti-racism agnostic humanist analysis

Vastly more serious than heat-of-the-moment intemperate racial abuse by an unwisely abusive and intemperate cleric (serious as that is, of course) were the comments by politicians and others getting on the Islamophobic bandwagon (good politics in currently disturbingly anti-Arab anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and xenophobic Australia) e.g. take away his residence, citizenship, passport, job etc. – thus fanning the flames of xenophobia even further.

The harsh reality is that Muslims in Australia are constantly abused (a) collectively by politicians and other commentators through the Mainstream media on any pretext – as this episode illustrates – and (b) at a personal level – e.g. a mosque burned down; a crowded mosque room full of women and children shot at;

* When and where, doctor Polya? Last time we checked, synagogues were attacked, Jews were bashed and 4 churches shot up and burned in the Muhammedan backlash to the Cronulla ‘riots’- which caused the ‘backlash’ in the first place.

These stupid Christian soldiers brought it on themselves, right?

* Let me guess, doctor: When have you ‘reverted’ to the Muhammedan faith? You wouldn’t be an enemy agent on the Arab payroll?

Read it all. This guy gives you the creeps…


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11 thoughts on “‘Islamophobia’ Downunder: A Perspective From the Far Side”

  1. God bless Australia! Any country that’s being accused of being Islamophobic like this must be doing something right. I’ve always liked the place even though I’ve never been there-must be the ruggedness and the straight shooting people (well, most of them anyway) plus the fact that you’ve got some fine looking women there (the thought of Nicole Kidman or Kylie Minogue in a burkha is utterly repulsive) means you MUST remain sharia free. Long live an Islamophobic Australia-don’t let the leftist PC crowd ruin your country the way they’ve wrecked Europe and are wrecking the US.

  2. ISLAMSFORLOSERS said “Long live an Islamophobic Australia”

    I’m wondering if all this knee-jerk reaction of “Islamophobia” to anything that even dares to suggest criticism of Muslims or Islam will come back to bite the peaceful ones. If “islamophobia” is an irrational, but real fear, like agoraphobia, then someone who burns down a mosque or similar should have a defence – “I was walking past that mosque, when a sudden & uncontrollable islamophobia came over me – I could not control it”. If it was recognised as an illness, & people used it as a defence, CAIR etc might suddenly say, well, there’s not really any such thing as islamophobia, it’s just some fictional condition we trot out to attack our detractors.

  3. There goes the “battle for the hearts and minds” theory. This guy is so far left, he’s unreachable.

  4. “actually Islamic spiritual struggle but to racist, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, Islamophobic Western media and politicians a “red button” synonymous with “terrorism”

    Oh brother. He takes lefty, victim-loving narcsism to whacky extremes. The guys a joke, a sick joke at that. And I notice, it’s never EVER the infidels that are under seige or beleaguered is it, just the poor widdle mohammedeans. Who just happen to want to hack our heads off with a widdle knife.
    Someone should tell that moron that it was the socialists who helped bring about the Iranian revolution and were the first to be strung up during (Do any of the commie twits ever read up on history????)

  5. Oh dear, I have beheadedophobia from reading the daily occurrences of islamic violence around the world. Fairdinkum, why don’t these jackasses read the bloody book…

  6. In all the mindless talk about Islamophobia it is interesting to note that those who shriek of this phenomenon never mention how many people it has killed in proportion to all the deaths caused by INDFIDELOPHOBIA. Could it be that the latter has killed a hell of a lot more people throughout the world than the former has? As far as I’m concerned, Islamophobia is a made up condition-there’s nothing irrational in fearing an ideaology that seeks to enslave or destroy the whole world given the history and the texts of that ideaology. Infidelophobia on the other hand IS irrational-there are no texts that state it is the duty of infidels to enslave or kill Muslims nor has there been an influx of infidels to the ummah with the intention of subverting its nations by all possible means.

  7. >>”Dr Gideon Polya, MWC News Chief political editor, published some 130 works in a 4 decade scientific career, most recently a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds” (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, New York & London, 2003), and is currently writing a book on global mortality”

  8. A book on global mortality? He doesn’t understand the global threat of terrorism and he wants to write a book on global mortality! How ironic!

  9. This article reflects the inherent madness of politcal correctness running amuck–it has resulted in the Mohammedan cultural takeover of the United Kingdom, and they are trying to islamicize the US now; cab drivers refusing to carry the blind with guide dogs, people with alcohol in their bags, etc, suing passengers on airplanes when they report suspicious behavior, insisting on public loudspeakers with calls to prayer installed in towns, days off for their “holy days”, time off from work to pray, etc . I will not sit by and allow my beloved country to become islamicized with the help of the left, and I hope that you brave Australians will fight this madness with us. The left has now aligned itself with radical islam–the fools don’t seem to realize that under sharia law there will be no more gay pride marches, no more abortions, and feminists will look more than a bit silly spouting off about their rights from beneath burkas or hijabs.

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