Megahed UPDATE–FBI: “Just Fireworks” Terrorists Who Are “Not Linked to Terrorism” Are Actually Terrorists

Here’s the latest on the Smiling Mugshot “Just Fireworks” Muslim Terrorists, Ahmed Abda Sherf Mohamed and Yousef Samir Megahed:

* They did NOT have “just fireworks.” They had pipe bombs. What were they going to do with them just 7 miles from a Naval installation?

* What was on their laptop, also seized by police? Which terrorist group’s stuff is on it?


Smiling Muslim Terrorists Mugshot: We’re Laughing at You, Stupid Americans

There’s no (terrorism link). . . . We don’t think there’s that much to it.

Well, the FBI told the two men’s neighbor that they are TERRORISTS, after all. Hello . . .? Terrorists “not linked to terror,” indeed. Chalk up this tremendous catch to alert deputy sheriffs in a South Carolina County, NOT the Famous But Incompetent PC Keystone Koppery run out of the J. Edgar Hoover Building. Which terrorist group is it? My thoughts: HAMAS/Islamic Jihad, Al-Qaeda, or Hezbollah. Likely one of the first two, since they are from countries where Shi’ites are in the vast minority and since University of Sami’s Friends, er . . . South Florida, attracts Sunni terrorist plotters.

* The Smiling Mugshot “Just Fireworks” Terrorists already have a lawyer, Dennis James Rhoad, who has his own problems. He was charged with coke possession and, for a time, suspended from the practice of law in South Carolina. (Thanks to reader William for the tip.)

More interesting, scary stuff on the terrorist duo and the University of South Florida, from Tampa Bay’s 10 News (thanks to reader Duane for the tip):


Above:  Having fun in court: CAIR’s Ahmed Bedier sez they’re ‘really good kidz’

When 24-year-old Ahmed Mohamed and 21-year-old Yousef Megahed appeared in court, there was no question in the prosecutor’s mind what this was all about. She says Mohamed was in possession of pipe bombs and materials that could have been made to make more bombs.
Sherri Jackson who was Megahed’s neighbor until March says FBI agents told her they were terrorists.

Jackson says the FBI came to question her Sunday.

Jackson says things seemed suspicious

She says she saw lot of traffic, a lot of people going back and forth, oxygen tanks being delivered UPS and Fed Ex deliveries and a lot going on.

Read it all from Debbie Schlussel


“Your Black Muslim Bakery” Killer Killed One Of The Most Respected Black Journo’s in America

* Strange only that the MSM, who usually throws hissy fits when one of theirs is murdered, hardly reports on this case:

Paul Harris in New York
Sunday August 5, 2007
The Observer


Devaughndre Broussard, 19, Assassin

For Chauncey Bailey, one of the most respected black journalists in America, last Thursday morning’s trip to work should have been like any other. The editor of the Oakland Post was strolling down the pavement in Oakland, a mostly black city next to San Francisco. It was 7.30am and Bailey, 57, lived just a few blocks away.
Suddenly, a man dressed in black and wearing a mask appeared. Shots rang out and Bailey collapsed from three bullet wounds. He was dead before an ambulance arrived; the apparent victim of an assassination.

Bailey’s murder has shocked the San Francisco Bay Area. It has also rippled out into the rest of America as the country comes to grips with the daylight murder of a senior newspaper editor. There is little doubt that Bailey was executed. It was the kind of ruthless murder more likely to be found on the streets of Moscow than northern California. ‘This was no random act,’ said Sergeant Derwin Longmire, an Oakland police spokesman.
Bailey’s routine was well-known and it is likely that his killer had been monitoring his movements for some time before he struck. After the shooting, the killer was picked up by a van.

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9 thoughts on “Megahed UPDATE–FBI: “Just Fireworks” Terrorists Who Are “Not Linked to Terrorism” Are Actually Terrorists”

  1. They couldn’t possibly be terrorists, just look at them, they look so friendly and harmless. Anyways, I’m off to buy some beachfront property in Nebraska. Gotta run!

  2. WBCD in Charleston SC has a colour pic of the suspects in court, still smiling, but looking like a couple of hard boys. I don’t quite understand this bit, with the solicitor calling the devices “pipe bombs”. I assume the solicitor is acting for the defendants??? If the defence is calling the pipe bombs pipe bombs, they probably are pipe bombs. 🙂
    Solictor Scarlett Wilson called the items deputies say they found in the trunk of a car Saturday night, ‘pipe bombs’.
    As the men sat in a Berkeley County jail, federal authorities searched their homes in Tampa, Florida. They carried away computers and other electronic equipment.

  3. The smiling scheme is going to hurt jihadists because we’ll forever recall that terrorists can look deceptively friendly.

  4. The Mullah>>”If the defence is calling the pipe bombs pipe bombs, they probably are pipe bombs. 🙂

    Who knows what they were up to, let’s not forget what terrorists did with simple box cutters.

  5. They’ve forced us to not give them the benefit of the doubt( at least in the court of public opinion).

  6. Pipe bombs are indeed mere fireworks for terrorists. 9/11 proved that.

    It really is long overdue to shut the doors on both immigration from the ummah and all this student visa BS. Nobody has a right to an education in someone else’s country. Let these “good kids” go to school in the ummah-it seems like a lot of this bunch is in the West doing more sinister things than studying.

  7. Forget the call to halt immigration, our politicians are convince we need the numbers to sustain our economy and since we don’t breed like rabbits we are second class ‘producers’. Get used to it, we’ve talked the talk long enough and soon we will have to walk the walk and when the civil chaos arrives the governments hell bent on the multi-cultural model will continue in thier vain assumption that cultures do not clash. It’s just a teething problem. Blah…

  8. * They did NOT have “just fireworks.” They had pipe bombs. What were they going to do with them just 7 miles from a Naval installation?

    Well, it seems that it was Ahmed Mohamed’s birthday on Sunday, and they were off to North Carolina to celebrate. “The contents of the trunk might have been part of the celebration”, according to Ahmed Bedier, executive director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

    Everyone else is content to use candles on their birthday cake, or sparklers, but Ahmed apparently wanted a couple of pipe bombs. 🙂

    Like the “exploding birthday cake” in “Get Smart”. “Amazing!”

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