Mosque launches new Islamophobe awards


Moonbats will gobble it up like Pali-candy after 9/11

A VICTORIAN mosque plans to bestow awards on Australians they believe are Islamophobes – politicians, community leaders or media identities they categorise as hostile to Muslims


The Brunswick-based Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah Association has unveiled what it calls its annual “Islamophobia Award for the worst Islamophobes in Australia”.

Likely to be near the top on the group’s list of nominees is Pauline Hanson, who has come under fire from the mosque and other Muslims for her recent call for a “moratorium on any more Muslims coming into Australia”.


Mosque leader Sheik Mohammed Omran, who teaches a fundamentalist minority form of Islam, has previously been questioned about his views on international jihad but he has condemned terrorism in Australia.

* Sounds like the most despicable Islamo-fascist in Australia is looking for love…

* Notice the apologist BS from the MSM turd who wrote this: ‘Omran is teaching ‘a fundamentalist minority form of Islam’- and of course he has condemned terrorism in Australia’– and what exactly does that mean, you nameless reporting twit? Don’t you bother to learn about kitman and taqiyya and that lying to the infidels is perfectly okay because ‘war is deception?’

The Australian award follows a similar initiative in Britain where the Islamic Human Rights Commission imposed its Annual Islamophobia Awards on politicians including Australian Prime Minister John Howard, then British PM Tony Blair and US President George W. Bush.

* Reminder: There is no such thing as ‘Human Rights’- in Islam, there is only sharia, and sharia means death or enslavement to infidels and Joozzz…

Details of the Australian version of the award are still being considered by the Ahlus association.



OBL would be enraged!

12 thoughts on “Mosque launches new Islamophobe awards”

  1. * “Islamophobia Award”

    How about “Islamophilia Awards”?

    I’d nominate “al Age” & “Sydney Morning Halal” for starters. 🙂

  2. Can we start an “infidelophobia” award as well as Mullah’s idea?

    The list would be huge! All of dar al harb.

  3. I think that I should nominate myself – oh, maybe I can’t because I am not Australian. shucks.

    Islamophobe is just their way of saying we are totally aware of islam and its violence. I look at it as ‘a good thing’.

  4. I wonder why no one has sued any of the muslims/islamic groups that insist that we change our ways. They are not being tolerant of us and in some cases I find that they are telling me in their subtle way that they find me ‘dirty’. This was supposed to be stopped in the 1960s/70s. Prejudiced behavior is something that should be halted no matter what group is insisting upon it.

  5. Islamophobia awards? I want one! I think I deserve it. And a dozen of my friends, too. Every LGF member is qualified. How many are they going to manifacture of those? I recommend industrial amounts.

  6. It would be a great honour to be rewarded with an Islamophobia Award.

    I will be striving extremely hard to aquire this award. It would be devastating to miss out. My grief would be heart-rending.

  7. I fully expect this site to receive an “IPhobe”. It would be a badge of honor to get one. A pity the award is restricted to Australia-there are so many other worthy sites around the world for an IPhobe.

  8. Izzla-mo Fo’bik said “It would be a great honour to be rewarded with an Islamophobia Award.”

    They could be marketed as the “Izzies”, like “Emmies”, “Logies” etc; hosted by Omran on Channel 10, which specialises in “reality” crap, and reported by Mark Dunn, who might have connected the dots on Omran’s (jihadi-ideology) mosque, instead of dishing up an Ahlus press release as news.

    NYPD study on “Radicalization in the West” “…identifies the Michael Street mosque in Brunswick, Melbourne, run by Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah leader Mohammed Omran as the “extremist incubator” for a number of Australians, a place where they “began to self-identify with the jihadi-Salafi ideology”.,25197,22257201-28737,00.html

  9. The Abu Lahab Award page is here:
    * Abu Lahab Award
    * Near future, Insha’Allah. @ Cyberspace

    * The Islamophobia Award for the worst Islamophobes in Australia. Details coming soon.

    “Inch Allah” might not be willing, if enough Islamophobes take the “prophet’s”
    urine out of the whole thing. 🙂

  10. Mullah Lodabullah, August 23, 2007 at 3.28pm

    Mullah said the Islamaphobia Award could be marketed as the the “Izzies” and be presented on Channel 10.

    What say – Geraldine Doogue to present the Izzies? To us, the worthy, grateful recipients.

    To receive an Izzie would surely be on a par with finding the Holy Grail.

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