Schlock & Crock For The ‘American Taliban’ John Walker Lindh

 ‘Free Our Talib’ Alert From The Far Side:

* Assorted Muhammedans, bleeding hearts and deceitful shysters are gearing up to get ‘Hamza’- as he is known among brothers, released. You see, he was just a ‘misguided kid’ who wanted to be a good Muslim.


Hamza in US custody

Some of the worst crapola ever written about him we found here on Jihadunspun  But FOX had a smart little shyster on tonight who gave us the whole Hicks aka Muhammad Dawoud routine all over, so what could be better for us than having this wonderful kid released?

One fondly remembers a time when enemy agents, traitors and their supporters were executed swiftly, but in our sensitive, politically correct new age we have simply ‘moved on’- or have we?

* The LA Times is softening up the resistance here:

John Walker Lindh broke the law. But ‘the American Taliban’ wasn’t a terrorist, and he deserves clemency. 

* Newsday sulks:

‘American Taliban’ an American scapegoat?

Ellis Henican

August 8, 2007

By the time he got the nickname, John Walker Lindh was already cooked.

“The American Taliban.”

So soon after 9/11. With terror so fresh in all our minds. A wounded nation looking for someone – anyone! – to blame.

We couldn’t seem to find Osama bin Laden. This wide-eyed sad sack would have to do.


* Looks like the enemy among us  has us on the run. What does it take to restore sanity? 

You can google just about anything you can find on this freak, nearly all about  of it is in sympathy and support. But not once did I come across  any mention or sympathy for CIA officer Mike Span, who was killed while interrogating Lindh.

* Watch out for more. This is not gonna go away…

Sheik Yer’mami has a song depicting  the likes of Lindh here 

called Harry the Taliban 

10 thoughts on “Schlock & Crock For The ‘American Taliban’ John Walker Lindh”

  1. Yeah-in the good old days treason was a crime. Now it’s chic to practice treason, so there’s no fitting punishment for it. As for the CIA getting any sympathy-forget it. This overrated organization has formidable and sinister powers only in the minds of the demented yet it is constantly made out as the bogeyman for all the world’s ills.

  2. OT re UK “Doctors Plot” / oncology / cesium-137 (& Haneef?).
    Terrorists target agent in radiotherapy to use as mass killer
    The chemical is used in the treatment of gynecological cancers and is stocked in all of Britain’s oncology centers.
    MI5 has established all the doctors arrested had easy contact with cesium-137 as part of their daily duties.

    Dr Haneef apparently worked in the Gold Coast Hospital oncology unit.
    I wonder if he had access to cesium-137?

  3. >>”You see, he was just a ‘misguided kid’ who wanted to be a good Muslim.”

  4. How many times have we heard that Guantanamo detainees were “just farmers,” only to find they’d returned to their muderous ways after release?

  5. Ellis Henican isn’t that smart, he specializes in fast talk and interruption. John Gibson rung his neck once.

  6. The Mullah>>”Dr Haneef apparently worked in the Gold Coast Hospital oncology unit.
    I wonder if he had access to cesium-137?”

  7. If you want to contact this little prick before he is killed in prison, you can write this little cry baby, and tell him what you really think of him.
    John Walker Lindh
    Inmate # 45426-083
    USP Florence Admax
    U.S. Penitentiary
    PO BOX 8500
    Florence, CO 81226

    I for one, hope he is released, so I can greet him at the gate.

  8. OH and for your chuckles, “he has been transferred to Admax Super Max Prison in Florence Colorado, a harsh facility designed for the worst offenders after he was beaten by another prisoner at Victorville. He spends 23 hurs a day in solitary confinement.”

    BAAAA hahahahaa (breath) HAHAHAHAHhahahaha

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