Australia: Griffith University A Hotbed Of Wahabism?

Richard Kerbaj | The Australian
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$1m Saudi gift to uni

UP to $1 million will be pumped by Saudi Arabia into an Australian university, sparking fears the money will skew its research and create sympathy for an extremist Muslim ideology espoused by al-Qai’da.

James Cook University’s Mervyn Bendle, a senior lecturer in the history of communication and terrorism, said Saudi Arabia would not provide funds to any Islamic initiative without wanting to propagate its own agenda and version of Islam.

“Historically, Saudi funding around the world has been used to promote Wahhabism,” he said.

“It would be naive to just accept on the surface that this is not the case as far as this money is concerned.”

Griffith Islamic Research Unit will also receive a “collection of Islamic books and other materials”, according to the university’s website.

But the director of Griffith’s key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance, Ross Homel, defended the Saudi grant the university received on August 23, saying it came with “no strings” attached.

* Right: “No strings attached”-are you really that naive, Mr. Homel?


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The pattern that repeats itself wherever Saudi money corrupts Western institutions of higher learning: Georgetown and Harvard received 20 million dollars each in order to muzzle any critique about the ‘Religion of Peace’ –


Georgetown’s ‘enlightened’ John Esposito

You can get a taste of John Esposito’s obfuscating efforts here at the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Da’awa Centre for Christian-Muslim understanding

* Rest assured that you will hear nothing critical of Islam at Esposito’s Da’awa sessions, but you are likely to remain completely clueless or you might end up a good Muslim. ‘Understanding Islam’ in Georgetown means submission, in the true sense of the word.


* Prince Alwaleed is the Saudi who tried to give Rudi Giuliani a 10-million dollar check after the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks on the WTC– if only he would address ‘Muslim grievances’- much to his credit Giuliani told the prince to shove it.

* Al Waleed is also the guy who owns a lot of America’s Caliphate News Network, he also owns: large holdings in the Four Seasons, Walt Disney, Citigroup etc. Yes, and of course 6 % of Fox News, which also cooks the news ever since, in order not to ‘offend Muslim sensitivities..’


Back to Griffith in Queensland and the 8 million dollar Islamic studies centre

Here’s an article in the Courier Mail about this taxpayer funded suicidal lunacy:

Teaching Muslims moderation

By Lachlan Heywood

YOUNG Muslims will be taught Australian-friendly Islam under a Federal Government plan to stop them falling prey to extremists.

An approved Islamic curriculum will be rolled out by a consortium of universities, including Griffith University in Brisbane, to counter the teachings of Muslim firebrands who preach intolerance and hate.

The establishment of the $8 million national centre of excellence for Islamic studies comes amid outrage over comments by leading Australian Muslim clerics Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali and Sheik Feiz Mohammed.


The Griffith Islamic Studies Centre: Fox guarding the chicken coop?


Taqiyya-Dr Mohamad Abdalla
Griffith Islamic Research Unit

* Islam in Brisbane

* Some of the excellent activities of the Islamic Research center can be found here

“Australian Government Funded Centre for Excellence in Islam campaigns for release of Glasgow suspect Dr Mohamad Haneef”-

* And here we found another case of blatant lying, obfuscation and taqiyya:

* The Cairns Fishwrap gobbles it up without questioning and goes proselytizing for the cult

* Winds of Jihad reported repeatedly on the shameless da’awa tactics of the peaceful ones


* Remember: “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”
-Benjamin Franklin-


Fitzgerald: Da’awa, Taqiyya, Tu Coque and whatever it takes…

A convert to Islam, Mahdi Bray is not one of those, like Ibrahim Hooper, who has attained national prominence. He is a tireless worker at the local level, however, and in his dual presentation of self, or presentation of dual selves, most instructive. Soft-spoken and smiling and all sweet reason, and with a comfortably American voice, when addressing Infidels, he becomes something quite different for Muslim audiences, where he has been known to chant-and-rant, as in his call of support for Hamas before a crowd in Washington, or whipping up a crowd to show up at a courtroom to mock the proceedings which involved charging a Muslim with plotting to kill the American President. He is also careful, at the local level, to carry out all those carefully-calibrated and well-publicized deeds of supposed charity – to earn Infidel goodwill – that are described as being so useful in the conduct of Da’wa at Muslim sites.



Griffiths in the grip of Muselmania 

Visiting scholars

George Saliba
Tariq Asadullah Syed
Goolam Vahed

PhD scholars

Nader Alkhatib
Nada Ibrahim
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
Tan Sri Dato’ Abdul Khalid Ibrahim
Melea Lewis
Mahmood Nathie
Halim Rane
Emad Soliman
Klodian Xhepaj

7 thoughts on “Australia: Griffith University A Hotbed Of Wahabism?”

  1. As I have said before the sowdis can buy everything with their bottomless pockets. They are doing it all over the world and we are paying dearly for it.

    If this grant is unconditional, I’ll eat my hat!

  2. I guess the thing to do is poke along to Griffith University online library catalogue and do a subject browse – find out what sort of books they have on Islam. I wonder do they have any Spencer? Then check again in a month or two.

    BTW, that portrait of Mr Abdalla gives me the willies every time I look at it.

  3. One more thing… if there weren;t any moslems in AUS or anywhere else in the West we wouldn’t have need to “moderate” them.

    We wouldn’t need to discuss SOWdi Barbarian funding of MES programs either because why would we need to study them if they’re not around?

    They don’t really have anything we need besides oil.

    They don’t produce anything. They don’t create knowledge. So we really have no need to interact with them in any way.

    We need to study OURSELVES and why some among us are such worthless appeaseniks who keep opening the doors for these useless enemies into our societies.

    Right now we are experiencing Mass Psychosis in the west. Everyone’s afraid to admit that the Emperor Wears No Clothes.

    Because to acknowledge the problem and what is the root of the problem would mean having to face the unpleasant consequences.

    Better an end with horrors than a horror without end!

  4. * Dr Mohamad Abdalla (is, was, whatever – Assistant Imam of the Kuraby Mosque)

    Nothing better to do, & full of cappuccino, I tried a search on kuraby mosque extremist, and found “Islam in Brisbane”, a PDF that would be more at home in Tower Hamlets, or Brussels.

    Usual lie – Muslims, Jews and Christians worship the same god (Allah is a satanic fake)
    And this novel line – “Evidence suggests that Muslims visited Australia as early as the ninth century”; and “There is no such thing as the Muslim community” (except when it is “insulted”
    by some Mo-drawing cartoonist (etc).

    Let’s have a Federal election on the important issues – Howard’s leadership; AWA’s and climate change, and ignore the minor issues, like Islam destroying our nation from within.

  5. Sowdis have spent $120 million spreading the death-cult into Australia over 30 years. Our government is asleep at the wheel people.

  6. It looks like Western nations will need to pass laws forbidding universities from taking foreign money-at the rate things are going Riyadh will be dictating policy for all of the West’s educational systems thanks to their “generous” donations. In 50 years the Holocaust will indeed be nothing but a myth because no college will mention it. In fact, the Holocaust will be revised to read as the Israelis exterminating the palestinians. Such BS and more await the future of education unless things change.

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